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Fiction Tie-In
After Earth Timeline, Heinlein Future History, Nikolai Kingsley's Stuff - Future History Tim, Pournelle's Future History Timeline, Science, Technology and Our Emerging Society, The X-Files Timeline of the Future
Predicting the Future Climate of the Western U.S., The Preparation
2012: Dire Gnosis
Prophecies focussed on the year AD 2012 with sources including calendrical systems, visions, religions, archaeology, tribal prophecies, NDEs, OOBEs, contemporary shamanism.
21st century - Wikipedia
User-supported 21st century timeline plus predictions for the future.
A Brief History of the Apocalypse: The Future
A timeline of our apocalyptic future if religious-based predictions all come true.
A Future Timeline of Humanity and the Universe
Predicts technological and sociological developments over the next millennium, and forecasts the ultimate destiny of humanity and the universe. Gets better the farther out.
Claims Armageddon will come in the year 2006 when Atlantis rises from the Caribbean.
Arthur C. Clarke's Predictions
Science fiction king's predictions about the future on Kurzweil AI Net.
Battelle - Technology Forecasts
Battelle Institute predicts technology through 2010 C.E. Includes top ten technologies by 2005, top ten breakthroughs for household products by 2007, and other top ten lists.
BBC - h2g2 - Predicting the Future
Users can make predictions about the future for later comparison.
Book Review: The Age of Spiritual Machines: When C
Book discusses Moore's Law (computers double in "intelligence" every two years) and how AI will inevitably surpass human intelligence in about 20 years.
Dr. David Passig
Futurist lecturer-consultant who specializes in technological, social and educational forecasting. Materials in English and Hebrew.
Essence: A Few Rules for Predicting the Future, by
A science fiction writer explains how to use the past to come up with useful future scenarios.
Failing Predictions:. Future society
Claims that predictions usually fail. Nevertheless gives a summary of unsolved conflicts in present-day society that will affect the future.
Falling Forward
Science fiction writer Brian Dana Akers' predictions for the 21st century.
Future History (David Cary)
Attempts to predict future technological trends.
Future News - Tomorrows news today
They test the fringe beliefs of today by having a group of talented intuitives review them and then assign likelihoods and percentages of probability.
Resource on the future of many industries along with forecasting by tech futurist Tod Maffin. Includes future of broadcasting, business, transportation and medicine.
Global Change - What Will the Future be Like?
Web TV, online books and features by Futurist Dr. Patrick Dixon: future of life on earth, cloning, biotech, digital age, business, banking, management, marketing, lifestyles, health, politics, economics.
Humanity's Future
Forecasts humanity's next two millennia to identify technological, sociopolitical, industrial and academic developments.
ICalledIt - Predicting the future, one post at a
A Net community for forecasting the future publicly in hopes of influencing it.
Life in the Future
General predictions for the year 2010.
Long Bets
Discussion and wagers on important future events.
Mooneyham's Speculative Timeline
A timeline of the future based on technological & scientific predictions.
NY Chinatown's Future Predictions
Audio interviews and links to the predictions of futurists.
Part I: Timeline: past and future
A future timeline based on combining Biblical with extraterrestrial and some scientific sources.
Peering into the future
InfoWorld Test Center's Future Watch. Future timeline of computer technology and enterprise computing.
Presents a futuristic scenario based on the ultimate outcome of the Internet and biotechnology revolutions; promotes discussion and debate of present-day technological and social trends.
Planet X 2003
About the alleged coming of Planet X in 2003 C.E.
An anonymous clairvoyant makes predictions about the shape of the future world.
Predictions and Prophesy
Summary of ancient and modern prophecies of the end of the world, plus the Global Disaster Watch.
Retro Future
Twentieth century predictions of future technology that never happened.
Strategy Governmental Future Models
Contains predictions on the future of Europe, domains, agriculture broadcasters, newspapers, media, wireless, real estate, and taxes.
Take Hold of the Future
Offers many videos, magazine articles, and books on all aspects of the future by Dr. Patrick Dixon.
The Chronicle of the Future
By the Sunday Times.
The Global Technology Revolution: Summary
Predicts impact of technology on life in the year 2015.
The Millennium Calendar
Chronological schedule of predicted and actual events linked to millennial prophecies, including NASA space launches. Runs from Rapture expected in 1998 to end of the world in 3797.
The Preparation
Explores the need for space colonization, asteroid mining, and transhumans.
The World of 2088
What the world will be like according to the Univ. of Washington.
Timeline tracks possible future of technology
BTexact Technologies offers a white paper.
Using World History to Predict the Future
Civilizations have predictable life cycles.
Views of the Future
Forecasts of future social and technological developments by BTexact Technologies' staff futurist, Ian Pearson: the future of everything from Christmas dinner to nanotechnology.
What is Really Going to Happen
Running predictions of near-future events.