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Air Force 2025
History, unclassified reports, quotes, and contact information for Air Force 2025, the 1994 Air Force long-range scenario planning project.
Foresight as a Tool for the Management of Knowledg
Three-country (UK, Spain, Netherlands) project investigating uses of foresight in national-level policy for enhancing technological innovation with a particular focus on medical technology; research reports.
Freedom Ship - City At Sea
A project to build a floating city which will continually circle the globe.
Government project creating "lead vision" scenarios of publicly identified critical issues via a participatory conference and web-based process; ongoing with archive of results to date.
A proposed look at the science of humanity to protect the future of the species.
Narrows Crossing
A community developing in Puget Sound following progressive ideals.
Residential Vessels .com
Collection of ocean going vessels, containing international residences, offering perpetual global circumnavigation.
Strategic Planning for Humanity
Practical plans to move humanity into space, starting with a lunar colony; focusses on development of an "Off-World Bank," providing a description, white papers, historical timeline, and relevant links.
The Venus Project
Plan to redesign global society using high technology directed by an ethic of sustainability: essays, model project in Florida, photo-realistic graphics of proposed future cities and technologies; books for sale on site.
Time Capsule
Reader postings from a New York Times project to collect predictions of the new millenium; includes images and sounds (requires free registration).
Vision 2020
Project to use self replicating robotics launched onto the moon to harness solar energy.
ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation
Judeo-Christian and Norse-influenced organization which organizes and ministers to a future religious-based interstellar realm.