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Finland Futures Research Centre
Based at the Turku School of Economics and Business Administration; studies emerging issues of change, scenarios, and long-range strategies for local, national, regional and global organizations; offers on-line futures research training; stresses sustainable development.
Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies
One of the oldest US futures research centers, affiliated with a graduate futures program: research activities, papers, course descriptions, alumni lists and links, and the Manoa Journal of Fried and Half Fried Ideas (about the Future) [12 volumes].
Institute for Futures Research (University of Stel
Academic research center specializing in business and technology foresight, demographic, economic, and energy forecasting, and long-term systems-science-based studies of sociopolitical structures; publication list and newsletter synopses.
Institute for the Future
Based in Menlo Park, this non-profit research center specializes in long-term forecasting, and quantitative futures research methods.
The Institute for Futures Research (Univ. of Houst
Specializes in environmental scanning, scenario development, business foresight and strategic planning, futures mediation, and training.