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A Science of Utopian Civilization, Ethics and Aest
Based on political experiments, refuting the ideals of socialism and authoritarianism, and using the true ideals as alternatives. Includes synopsis and list of articles on topic.
Another World Is Possible
Dedicated to creating a new and better world through nonviolence, a world ruled by voluntary agreement, and not forcing in the name of ideology.
A fantasy that explores how a society with democratic, socialist, ecological and religious values might work.
Beyond Walden Two, by The Walden Community.
Includes strengths and limitations of B.F. Skinner's Walden Two, experience at Comunidad Los Horcones, with community description.
Bridge to Change
Through storytelling, exposing underlying obstacles to change and drawing attention to the transformative powers put in our hands by a democratic political culture.
Is Utopia Possible?
Musings on the efforts needed to create an approximate utopia, including assumptions and possibilities.
Let's Evolve: Creating an Egoless World
Describes project to create a future utopian society via educational workshops focussed on releasing the ego and expanding on the eight facets of personal power; requesting services of facilitator and publisher.
Questy's American Philosopher
A philosophic journey exploring the possibilities of utopian thought and idealism.
Society for Utopian Studies
About the society, call for papers, newsletter, links and membership.
The New World
Multi-chapter story of a parallel-world utopian community founded in 1964 by homesteaders following the principles of Gandhi and Thoreau; work in progress.
The Vision of Wholeness
Mankind is described as a not yet completely finished product of nature - Human destructiveness is seen as a result of mental immaturity and desease
Utopia & Utopian Philosophy
Utopia is a better world vision. This web site consists of three free books about Humanity's achievement of Utopia and links to utopia web sites.
Utopia: The Search for the Ideal Society in the We
Offers an illustrative and narrative exploration of utopian ideologies from its origins through the end of the nineteenth century. Produced through collaborative effort between the New York Public Library and la Bibliothèque Nationale de France.
Utopian Analysis; A Science of Ethics and Aestheti
One person's answers to most of the social problems of our day, based on true ideals such as personal liberty or reciprocity.
Utopian States
Describes a United States governed by "political engineers," including functions of government, justice system, nudity, education, and cultivation of unique artisans.