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Chats and Forums
Bi Planet Chat, Bifem.net, Bisexual Chat Network, Channel #bi, Soc.bi, Two Way Street, Women-oriented IRC
7ICB - 7th International Conference on Bisexuality, Because -- Bisexual Empowerment Conference: A Unit, BiCamp, Bicon 2000 and IBC6, BiCon's Past, Bisexual Leadership Retreat 2000, BiZone's Endless Possibilities Conference, Endless Possibilities Conference, M.A.I. Bi Weekend, North American Conference
Mailing Lists
BI Pagan, Bibiz, BIFEM-L@LISTSERV.BROWN.EDU, BiGi: A Bi Men's Community, BiNet Arizona, BiNet Canada, BiNet USA Membership, Bisexu-L, Bisexual, bothsidesnow
Closed Loop UK, Married Male - Resource for the Bi-Married Male
News and Media
Articles, A Letter to my Friends, Anything That Moves, Bi Community News, Bi Lines On Line, Bi Tribune, Bisexual Bookstore, Bisexual Characters in Film, Bisexual Fiction from GLB Publishers, Bisexual Politics, Bisexual Politics: Theories, Queries, and Visions
Australian Bisexual News, Bay Area Bisexual Network, Bi By Nature, Bi San Diego, Bi-Definition, Bi-Irish, Bi-weekly, bi.org.au, BiForum Utah, BiNet Alberta
Personal Pages
Baxter, Carson, Bi American, Bi-Gender the Bi-Sexual Partner, Bye Bye Baby - The Journal of a Bisexual, Cattitude, Cheryl Trooskin, Claudia, Coming Out, Dijeratti's Lounge, Elise Matthesen
Web Rings
Bisexual Primetimers, Bisexuals on the Net
Best Of Both Worlds, Bi Moms Group, Bi Websites, Bi Women's Cultural Alliance, Bisexual Women of Toronto, Cake, Glasgow Bisexual Women's Group, Just Bi, Kells, Alex, London Bi-Women Group
All Things Bisexual
A directory of bisexual sites on the net, plus bisexuality in the news and the author's favorite bi sites. Also offers chat rooms.
Bi All Means
Offers lists of links to resources, organized by category, including bi-specific, gender, health, political, and polyamory.
Bi Community at Temenos
Online community for bisexual men and women.
Bi Popular Demand
Gay.com's bisexual community, including columns, chats, news, and surveys of interest to the bi community.
Bi The Way
Resources for bisexuals, including message boards, chat, personals and pride graphics.
Bi.org -- Serving the World Bisexual Community
Provides bisexual news, resources, mailing lists, and free accounts.
News, travel and leisure, and personals.
Bisexual by Gayscape
Bisexual Internet resources from the Gayscape search tool.
Bisexual Options
Resources for bisexuals, sponsored by The American Institute of Bisexuality.
Bisexual Resource Center
Based in Boston, MA, but serving everyone, the BRC provides educational services and materials, publishes The Bisexual Resource Guide annually, and maintains an international bisexual archive.
Bisexual Resource Guide
The 4th Edition of the Bisexual Resource Guide. Edited by more than 150 volunteers from every corner of the globe, this is a comprehensive directory of bisexual groups around the world.
Bisexual Resources for Northern Arizona
Includes news articles, chat rooms, discussion groups, related links, and personal ads for bisexuals, and for people in the greater GLBT community.
Bisexuality and related issues existing in both the heterosexual and homosexual communities. Includes a wide list of resources and articles.
Bisexuality-Aware Professionals Directory
A directory of psychologists, psychotherapists, physicians, lawyers, financial advisors, massage therapists, social workers, chiropractors, and other professionals who are aware of and positive about bisexuals and bisexuality.
A portal for bisexuals including free personals, live chat, resources, and related links.
The Bisexual part of YouthResource. Includes stories, books, leaflets, reference links, discussion group. A project of Advocates for Youth.
International Bisexuality Census and Survey
A survey soliciting opinions and identities of bisexuals around the world.
Playing Safe With Both Teams
Information on bisexual HIV, AIDS, STD prevention. Based on a conference by Bisexual Resource Center and Fenway Community Health.
PolyBi - Lovers of Both
About living as a bisexual being, being with a bisexual partner and living a poly relationship in context of bisexuality.
Resources for Bisexual Teens
Links and resources for bisexual teens.
The BiCafe
Online club for bisexuals. Includes personal ads, but access through advance paid membership only.
The Biway
Designed to provide a place for community and expression for bi folks and allies.