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Annual International Conference of Gay and Lesbian
A review of past and a preview of future conferences sponsored by LEGAL International, a worldwide federation of gay and lesbian law enforcement groups.
Bent On Change II: Toronto Conference
Beyond tolerance: Rethinking queer issues on campuses and communities. Includes prospectus, call for papers, registration details, location, accommodation and dining information, sponsors, and how to volunteer.
Breaking the Silence: Gays and Lesbians in our Sch
Annual conference held in March by the University of Saskatchewan. Focuses attention on improving the school environment for gay and lesbian youth, staff, parents and communities. Includes program, contacts and registration information.
Brian McNaught
Lecturer and author on gay, lesbian and bisexual issues; best known for his "out in the workplace" workshop. Lists seminars offered, books, videos, and links to related sites.
Emerald City Roundup
The annual ECR, a GLBT AA Roundup with Al-anon participation, held yearly in Seattle, WA, USA. Information on registration, events, schedules, and lodging.
GLSEN Events
Frequently asked questions about the cancellation of GLSEN's national conference, Teaching Respect for All, 2001.
Lavender Languages Conference
Formal papers, roundtable discussions, performance pieces and other presentations which explore language, linguistics, literature, non-verbal communication, cinema, photography, and visual arts. Background, scheduled events, and previous presentations.
Lavender Law 2003
Annual conference of the National Gay and Lesbian Law Association. Includes information on schedule, hotel, and how to register.
MBLGTCC 2000 College Conference
The Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender College Conference 2000 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Event is over, but the site has been kept intact for archival purposes.
National Conference on Gender
Annual conference run by GenderPac in DC, USA. Includes information on workshops, lodging, how to register, and archives of previous conferences.
NGLTF - Creating Change
The annual conference of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, held in a different location each year. Includes information on hotels, plenary sessions, workshops, and how to register.
Queer Disability Conference
Describes the international gathering in San Francisco of disabled queers. Includes information about accessibility, program, housing, marketing, registration, and travel arrangements.
Queer Matters
An international, interdisciplinary conference taking place in London, May 2004. Includes accommodation and travel information.