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Being Butch, Butch-Femme Network, Butch-Femme.Com(munity), Butch/Femme Society, Lesbian Identity and the Politics of Butch-Femme, Stone Femme: A Place For Us, Stonebutch-Stonefemme Community, Stonefemme, The Butch-Femme Test
Chats and Forums
altladies.com Community, Amaranth Womyn Lesbian e-Community, Funny Dykes, Into BushBaby!, Lesbian Chat, Lesbian Chat Online, LIC - Lesbians in Canada, Never Never Land, San Antonio Lesbians, SFGrrlz
Creativity and Culture
Carolyn Gage, Circuit Girl Boston's Preimier Dance Club for, Discover the world of lesbian humans, Dragoneyes Collection of Poetry, Dyke Action Machine, Dykediva.com, Eternally Red's Dirt of a Girl, Feminism and Lesbian Art by CherryJ, Isle of Lesbos, Lesbian Arts and Fun
Family and Relationships
A Union In Wait, Canadian Lesbian Moms, Family Ties - Lesbian Parenting, Lesbian Ma, Lesbian Moms Chatroom and Bookstore, Lesbian Moms Web Page, Lesbian Mothers Support Society, Lesbians Trying to Conceive, Sol's Pages
Health and Wellness
Amaranth Womyn: Home and Beyond, Ask Dr. Wurmbrand, Coach Sappho, Lesbian Cancer Project, Lesbian Community Cancer Project, Lesbian Health and Homophobia, Lesbian Health Issues: We are not immune, Lesbian Health Research Center, Lesbian Health: Current Assessment and Directions , Lesbian Help and Information
Mailing Lists
Amazon Cafe, Artistic Dykes, Canadian Lesbian, Canadian Queer Women, Euro-Sappho, Geek Dykes, International Lesbian Avengers, LBF50Plus, Lesbeinformed, Lesbian and Bi BBWs
News and Media
Articles, AfterEllen.com, BC Lesbian Salon, Bint el Nas: Do You Understand Me, Curve, Desire Magazine, Dyxploitation, Eloquent Fury, Fallen Goddess, Femme Noir, Gay Black Female
Lesbian Avengers, Astraea National Lesbian Action Foundation, Camp Sister Spirit Folk School, Central Jersey Lesbian Alliance, Conference for Catholic Lesbians, Kamp Women, Lesbian Information Service, Lesbian Teachers Group, Lesbians Against Violence, National Center for Lesbian Rights, National Organization for Lesbians of Size
Personal Pages
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J
Race and Ethnicity
Hir She Community, LP Sisters - Lesbians from Mainland China, Nubian Cafe, South Jersey Lesbians of Color, Women Who Love Women, Womyn of Colour, ZAMI
Support Groups
Celtic Hearts, Lesbian group of Athens (Greece), Lesbian Partners of Rape Survivors, Lesbian POZ Support Community, Married Lesbian & Bisexual Support, Rainbowhope, Rivera, Susan, Support For Lesbians Coming Out
Web Rings
Canadian Lesbians, Lesbian Journeys of the Heart, Lesbian Playground, Lesbian Primetimers Webring, Lesbian Resources, Lesbian World, Lifelong Lesbians, WebSisters, Women Loving Women Webring
Classic Dykes
Articles, columns, and message boards for women forty and older.
Entre "L"
Activities and support for women of the gay community in the Outaouais region.
Her Movies
Guide to movies, short films, documentaries, and foreign films with lesbian themes or characters. DVDs and video shop.
Indigo Interactive
Resources, events and information for Philippines lesbians.
Lesbian Alliance
Portal featuring news, galleries, bulletin boards, and resources.
Lesbian Support
IVF mum to be, lesbian support links and chat.
Lesbian UK
National listing of resources and activities.
Lesbian Worlds
Providing resources and information of issues, events, politics, discussions and community.
Lesbian Xpansion
Information, resources, and articles for dykes.
International resource for, by, and about lesbians and queer women. Includes news, articles, searchable directories of informational and shopping web sites.
A web site dedicated to promoting lesbian visibility on the internet by providing resources, information, publications and mailing lists for lesbians.
Latest travel destinations, sports, entertainment, business and health news for the lesbian community.
Lesbians in Arkansas
A new web based community not limited to Arkansas residents. Submit to The Lesbian Handbook a tongue-in-cheek guide to being a lesbian.
Lesbian entertainment, information and shopping site. Lesbian news, events, relationships and sexuality.
Resources, rights of same sex partners, programs to download, Cleopatra 2525.
Pink Lemonz
Feminist and lesbian support.
Red Cherry Lips
Lesbian diaries, horrorscopes, email fun and inside jokes.
SHOE International Network
Multi-languagal site includes personal profiles, mailing lists, guides, chat room, and merchandise. Free membership required.
Guide for where to go for help and socialising in North East of England. Includes organization profile, coming out stories, advice, pub, club, and help listings.
Host of The Weekend, a festival featuring dancing, sports, workshops and wimmin.
A U.S.A. E-community for intelligent and vivacious women who love women. City Chapters.
The Lovely Lesbian
Female-centered site dedicated to culture, history, arts, politics, and resources.