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Austerlitz Campaign - 1805
Austerlitz, Austerlitz 2005
Books and Magazines
Demi-Solde Press, Die Zinnfigur, Gaslight's Napoleonic Era Literature, Helmet Military Publications, Legacy of Glory Scenario Guide, MST Publishing, Napoleon & His Times, Napoleon Bonaparte Timeline, Napoleon Journal, Napoleon Online
Naval, Napoleonic Wargames (including French Revolution a, Operational Studies Group, The Battle of Trafalgar Board Game
Invasion of Russia - 1812
1812: Napoleon's March to Russia, Borodino, Costly Retreat From Moscow, Napoleon in Russia: Saviour or Anti-Christ, Napoleon's Invasion of Russia, 1812, Olga's Gallery: The Great Fire in Moscow (181, Project 1812, Russian Order of Battle at Borodino 1812
Jena Campaign - 1806
Bernadotte 1806 - Is There a Case for the Defence?, Correspondence of Marshal Davout
About.com: The Battle of Trafalgar, Admiral Lord Duncan, Battle of Cape St. Vincent, Battle of Trafalgar, Bravé, Broadside, Fighting Sail Wargaming, Historical Maritime Society, List of Ships of War, which were lying in the Tagu, Naval History: Great Britain.
Association of Friends of the Waterloo Committee, Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution, Napoleonic Society of America, Napoleonic Society of Georgia, The Napoleonic Alliance, The Napoleonic Association
Peninsular War - 1808-14
91st Argyll Highlanders and the Peninsular War, A Quick Primer on the Peninsular War, Books Relating to the Peninsular War in Spain &, Freer Letters from the Peninsular War, Guerra de la Independencia española 1808-1814, The Last Gentleman's War, The Peninsular War 1808-1814, Wellington's Crossing of the Douro, 1809
Bonaparte, Napoleon, Clausewitz, Karl von, Nelson, Horatio, Marshal Ney at Eylau, Neither King Nor Marshal, Russian Generals and Naval Commanders of the Napol, Who was who on the Peninsula and at Waterloo
Account of the Internal Situation of France in 180, Background on the Regency Army, Cossacks and Napoleonic Wars, Short Barrels and Long Bumpers, The Army of Duchy of Warsaw, The Diary of a Veteran, The Final War
The Hundred Days - 1815
A Quick Primer on Waterloo, Hougoumont, Route Napoléon, The 13th at Waterloo, The Battle of Waterloo, The Battle of Waterloo in 3 Minutes, The Campaign Of Waterloo, The Eclipse of Napoleon's Glory., The Return of Napoleon from Elba, Waterloo Battlefield Tours
A Background to the Napoleonic Wars
Annotated chronology of the wars which concentrates almost exclusively on Britain and France.
Centennia Historical Atlas Software
Displays an evolving, dynamic map of Europe and the Middle East. A free demo version covering the Napoleonic Period may be downloaded from the site.
Compagnie d'Elite
A selection of articles and uniform illustrations. Text in English and German.
Der Befreiungskriege 1806-1813
A pictorial essay on the German War of Liberation which looks at the happenings in Germany and Prussia during the Napoleonic Occupation, and Prussia's rebirth as a European power. Text in English and German.
France during the French Revolution and under Napo
An annotated chronology of civil and military events.
Histoire et Figurines
A site dedicated to wargaming in France, but with a very strong emphasis on le Premier Empire. Lots to interest the general reader as well as the miniatures gamer. Text in French and English with some German and Spanish too.
History and Evolution of Uniforms during the Napol
A concise illustrated history of the evolution of military uniforms during the napoleonic wars.
Napoleonic and 18th century data for researchers, students, and enthusiasts. Emphasis on first Italian campaign (webmaster has written a book on the subject).
Horse and Musket Wargaming
Wargaming and military history resources for the wars of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Includes a set of maps from Napier's "History of the Peninsular War" and some uniform plates.
Internet Modern History Sourcebook: French Revolut
Collection of original documents and web links pertaining to the Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods.
La Maison de l'Empereur
Orders of battle, Napoleon's maxims and other resources. Graphic intense.
Concentrates on the Italian Army 1805-14 but with some coverage of the Austrians too. Includes a 300-title bibliography
Napoleon Bonaparte Internet Guide
Short articles on varied subjects, and some intriguing snippets from contemporary newspapaers. A pretty comprehensive collection of links too.
Napoleon in Battle
Large collection of uniform, orbat and organisation resources, emphasis on French, Polish and Russian forces.
Napoleon Online
Online English language edition of Depesche magazine. Articles and images about the armies, personalities, decorations, and soldiers of Europe between 1792 and 1815.
Napoleon's Wars
Comprehensive collection of images of national, regimental, and other flags of the Napoleonic Wars from WarFlag.com.
Napoleonic Gallery
Paintings and prints of the Napoleonic era. Subjects include portraits, battles, flags, uniforms and weapons. Also provides a selection of Windows icons, sounds, and music, and a bookstore.
Napoleonic Medals
A personal collection of Napoleonic era medals, coins, tokens, jetons, paper money, books and artifacts.
Napoleonic Wars
Campaign-by-campaign account of the wars and combatants. Includes pictures and maps from many sources.
Napoleonic Wars & Uniform Exchange
A discussion forum for Napoleonic History and Wargaming buffs.
Napoleonic Zinnfiguren
Whilst principally concerned with the author's collection of flat figures, this lavishly illustrated site also contains a stunning selection of uniform prints of German and Polish subjects. Text in English.
Cartoons and artwork with a Napoleonic theme.
The Irish Legion
History and organisation of this regiment, which served in the French army from 1803 to 1814.
The Nafziger Collection
Massive collection of orders of battle made available by mail-order.
The Napoleon Pages
Collection of articles on various aspects of Napoleon's France, from the Georgian Index.
The Napoleon Series
Informative site that invites contributions from its many readers. The discussion forum is frequented by many of the "great and the good" of Napoleonic authorship.
The Napoleonic Collection
Part of the Discriminating General's suite of military sites, and up to their usual high standard of presentation. Articles, links, sound clips and a wide range of replica goods for reenactors.
The Napoleonic Guide
Provides an overview of Bonaparte, the political status of Europe and European military technology, and depictions of the Napoleonic era in art, film, and games.
The Soldier Sven Planck Wallpol
The life story of an ordinary soldier in the Swedish army.
The Vistula Legion
Illustrated story of this Polish regiment in French service 1806-1815.
Time traveller's guide to Napoleon's Emp
Guide to all aspects of the period, produced to accompany a series of TV programs on UK Channel 4.
War Times Journal - Napoleonic Wars Series
Napoleonic articles, archives and books, beautifully presented by the War Times Journal.