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Official site of the #History channel of the Undernet. Discussion board, historical texts submitted by members, polls, links to other historical sites.
Able2Know: History
A forum to ask questions about or to discuss history.
American History Fleet
Post and read messages about many aspects of American history.
Antiquated Ideas
Online community offering discussion, education, and roleplay covering a multitude of historical cultures.
Axis History Forum
An apolitical forum for discussions on the Axis nations as well as the First and Second World Wars in general.
Buried In Time
A message board focusing on friendly discussion of primarily ancient history and archaeology.
China History Forum
A Chinese history discussion forum from prehistoric to modern times, featuring articles and research by members.
Civil War Campfire
Online discussion forum regarding the American Civil War.
Civil War Forum Frigate
A discussion forum and live chat devoted to the American Civil War.
Early Modern Discussion
Discussion board covering the core of the Early Modern period, c. 1550 - 1700.
History Forum Simaqian Studio
A forum for world history discussion and posting of articles by members.
History is Happening
Discussions on world's history, divided by continents, regions and subject.
HIstory of All the Worlds Battles
Postings on current events, military history, weapons systems, and related topics.
History Teachers' Discussion Forum
Both students and teachers of history can meet here to discuss historical, political and other issues.
Military History Fleet
Forums and live chats devoted to Military History.
Naval History Discussion Group
Forum for discussing all aspects of naval history from ancient times to modern day naval warfare.
Simaqian Studio Forums
Online community for discussion on world history, Military history, ancient history, medieval history, featuring articles posting and research by members
Talk History
Discussions on a vast range of historical topics such as ancient, medieval, Renaissance, Asian, American and modern history, in addition to literature, myths, and more.
Talking History
A moderated discussion board for history and archaeology with a core interest in the past of the British Isles.
Talking History @ EZboard
Talking History is a friendly place to discuss history and archaeology of all periods from the Ancient World up to date.
The History Board
Discuss history topics at the chronicles-network, with a special focus on ancient and mediaeval resources. Part of the Chronicles Network.
The History British Monarchy
A web forum to discuss the history of the British monarchy from William the Conqueror onwards.
The History Project Forum
World wars, world history. Discussions reaching from ancient world to World War II and beyond.
The History World
An informal discussion forum covering all areas and subjects of world history for anyone who enjoys history as a hobby.
UNRV Roman History
Discussions about Roman history and news about archaeology. Part of the UNRV forum network.
Volunteer Indexer Project
The Volunteer Indexer Project is a way to put indexing students in touch with local groups who need an indexer.
YoungHistorians Forum
An interactive forum for children with focus on modern history topics from the Civil War to the present.