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Access: History
A refereed journal produced by the University of Queensland Department of History. Contents online in pdf format.
American Historical Review
This quarterly is the official publication of the American Historical Association. Includes guidelines for submission.
Australian Historical Studies
A refereed journal based at the University of Melbourne dealing with Australian, New Zealand, and Pacific regional heritage, archaeology, and history. Includes archives, selected reviews, style sheet, and editorial board listing.
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Stu
Carries studies of the languages, cultures and civilizations of these regions from ancient times to the present.
Canadian Journal of History
Publishes high-quality articles, historiographical articles, review articles, and reviews concerning all countries and periods of history - excepting the history of Canada.
An annual electronic journal of history published by University College Cork freely on the internet. Contains articles relating to all branches of history, with a particular focus on Irish history.
Colonial Latin American Historical Review (CLAHR)
A journal on colonial Latin American history and culture. As a refereed quarterly, CLAHR is dedicated to publishing and promoting scholarly works about the Americas.
Contemporary European History
An annual which covers Eastern and Western Europe, including the United Kingdom, from 1918 to the present.
Continuity and Change
Aims to define a field of historical sociology concerned with long-term continuities and discontinuities in the structures of past societies.
Journal of the Scottish Military Historical Society, covering all Scottish military subjects from the 1660s to the present day. Gives current table of contents, subscription information, and selected extracts.
Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand
Read and contribute academic reports online in this joint initiative of the School of Humanities at James Cook University.
European Review of Economic History
Aims to be accessible to readers from a variety of different backgrounds.
Explorations in Renaissance Culture
Bi-annual scholarly journal edited by Tita French Baumlin of the English Department of Southwest Missouri State University.
German History
Journal of the German History Society. Provides subscription and submission information, related links, and editorial board list; no articles available online.
Guano Review
Reviews the history of America's "Great Guano Rush" and its consequences. Includes monthly articles, a discussion forum, and informative links.
Hispanic American Historial Review
Quarterly journal of Latin American history. Publishes articles, book reviews, and other features. Includes contact information, submission guidelines, book review guidelines, and subscription information.
Historia Constitucional
Electronic journal about constitutional history. Information about the referees and submissions, as well as articles in Spanish and English available on the web or in Microsoft Word format.
History and Theory
Academic journal which publishes articles, monographs, book reviews, summaries, and bibliographies principally in four areas: theories of history, narrativism, historical method, and related disciplines.
History Workshop Journal
Offers access to current and previous issues of this history periodical.
Holocaust and Genocide Studies
International journal featuring research articles, interpretive essays, and book reviews in the social sciences and humanities. It is the principal publication to address the issue of how insights into the Holocaust apply to other genocides.
International History Review
A quarterly focusing on the history of international relations and diplomacy based at Simon Fraser University. Includes index of references, list of recent contributors and articles, and submission information.
International Journal of Middle East Studies
Publishes original research on politics, society and culture in the Middle East from the seventh century to the present day.
Itinerario, European Journal of Overseas History
Quarterly journal of the history of European expansion, published by the Institute for the History of European Expansion (IGEER) of Leiden University
Journal of American Studies
Publishes works by scholars from all over the world on American history, politics, literature, institutions, economics, fillm, popular culture, geography, sociology and related subjects.
Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
One of the principal outlets for scholarly articles on Southeast Asia.
Journal of the History of Ideas
Electronic and print interdisciplinary scholarly journal on intellectual history and the evolution of ideas, published by The Johns Hopkins University Press.
Journal of Women's History
Devoted to the international study of women's history through the eyes of multiple feminisms. Indiana University Press.
Left History
A refereed semi-annual journal which features articles from a variety of theoretical approaches including feminist, marxist and postmodernist.
Loyola Student Historical Journal
A large selection of historical articles written by the students of Loyola University, New Orleans.
Modern Asian Studies
Promotes an understanding of contemporary Asia and its rich inheritance.
One Nation Under God
Newsletter dedicated to exploring America's identity. This site was designed to give the reader easy access to past volumes, facilitate subscription and communication, and become a forum for patriotic themes.
Oral History Review
Explores the recording, transcribing, and preserving of conversations with people who have participated in important political, cultural, and economic social developments in modern times. The official publication of the Oral History Association.
Quarterly of the National Archives and Records Administration, featuring articles based on its holdings, its regional archives, and the Presidential libraries.
Radical History Review
Analyzes and challenges hierarchies of class, race, gender, sexuality, and empire from a variety of oppositional perspectives.
Real Aula Mallorquesa
An Italian academy of art and science, which publishes a yearly bulletin. Provides tables of contents and submission information.
Royal Historical Society Transactions
Presents wide-ranging reports from the front lines of historical research by both senior and younger scholars.
Rural History
Concentrating on the English-speaking world and Europe, it includes agricultural history, folklore, landscape history, archaeology and material culture.
The Flinders Journal of History and Politics
Seeks to provide a forum for scholars who are at the beginning of their careers. Publishes progressive and innovative graduate research for an international audience.
The Historical Journal
Seeks to publish papers on all aspects of British, European, and world history since the fifteenth century.
The Journal of African History
Publishes articles and book reviews ranging widely over the African past, from the late Stone Age to the 1970s.
The Journal of Economic History
Devoted to the interdisciplinary study of history and economics.
The Journal of Modern African Studies
Offers a quarterly survey of developments in modern African politics and society.
The Journal of Modern History
An American journal for the study of European intellectual, political, and cultural history since the Renaissance.
Urban History
Covers all aspects of the topic world-wide. Published by Cambridge University Press.
Victorian Studies
Quarterly devoted to the interdisciplinary study of British culture of the Victorian period, published by Indiana University Press.
WWW­Virtual Library: The History Journals Guide
A web directory for history and archaeology journals, discussion lists, and periodicals organized by time period, institution, geography, language, and topic.