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All Headline News - What Happened Today In History
Find out what happened today in history. Provides access to thousands of news and noteworthy events.
Ambit's Today In History
Daily listing of political, sports, musical, and other historical events and milestones.
Any Day In History
Search any day in history and find famous birthdays, deaths, religious events and other historical happenings.
AtoZintheMail.com - Day in History
Provides a free e-mail newsletter that covers the day in history, five times a week.
BBC On This Day
Video and audio for this day in history from the BBC news archive 1950-2002.
Listing for each day of the year of well known peoples birthdays, deaths and important events as well as trivia.
Born on this Day in History
A searchable database of 80,000 famous people by day of birth, name, and fame. Also offers daily quotations, famous creative women section, and quote lookup.
BrainyHistory - Today in History
Find out what happened on each day in history. Thousands of events going back 2000 years.
Calendar Zone
Dates in history; links to biographical and geographical events. Find out what's happened on your birthday before your were born. Also includes recipes and poetry.
Chambers The Book of Days
The searchable text version of Robert Chambers 1864 work The Book of Days.
Daily Bleed Calendar
Daily calendar of historical events to be remembered by political progressives and radicals.
dMarie Time Capsule
Enables users to create printable "Time Capsules" for any date in history from 1800 to 2001, although "data for the years 1800 - 1875 is probably spotty."
Dr. Mac's Cultural Calendar
Teacher Gerald McDaniel's historical notes on famous people in literature, history, religion, and classical music.
Encarta: On this Day in History
Daily listing of political, sports, musical, and other historical events and milestones.
Historic Events and Birthdates that Occurred on a
Gives a listing of celebrity birthdays and various world events in a given month and year.
History Daily
A free history fact emailed every morning that is entertainment-based and written by professional historians.
Searchable archive of important events, famous births and deaths spanning hundreds of years. Articles on specific historical events and broad trends.
IMDb.com: Today in Movies
Births, deaths, marriages, and names of films released on this day.
Infoplease.com - This Day in History
Lists events that occurred on any day in history.
It's History
Find out what happened on this day in history. A ten megabyte fully searchable database of events, births and deaths for any day in history.
MightyCool.com: Today In History
A short list of historic and sporting events, births and deaths. A longer list may be received by e-mail.
Munirah Chronicle: Today in Black History
A daily report of black history.
New Deal Network: This Day in New Deal History
Features dates of important US events in the 1930s and birthdays of people who played key roles in the history of the era.
Nickey's Postcards Today In History
Famous birthdays and events.
On This Date in North American Indian History
3,000+ historical vents, tribal name meanings and alternative names, Indian moon names & over 6,000 links to other sites
On This Day . . .
Would you like to know who shares a birthday with you? Do you want to find out what important events happened on this day in history?
On This Day In Oregon
Richly illustrated non-commercial daily chronology of Oregon history, including both important and offbeat events.
Daily historical facts and events, famous birthdays, world history, music history, and quote of the day.
RadioEarth: Today in History
Web directory page.
Scrapbook: Day in History
Search by date or year for important events in history.
Sticking It To The Man - History of The Man
Timeline of the fight against the establishment in history. Pokes fun at corporate greed, business stupidity and political dirty dealings.
TheHistoryNet: Today In History
Events in history that happened on the month and day of today's date.
This Day in Greek History
Lists photos and description of events that happened on this day in Greek history.
This Day in Rock & Roll History
Presents rock happenings by date from Arrow 93 FM.
Happenings from history including birthdays and death dates of popular personalities, innovative and scientific events.
Those Were the Days
Summary of news factoids, famous birthdays, and popular music on this day in history; updated weekly.
Today in History
Lists birthdays of famous people and events for every day of the year.
Today in History
Newsfeed from Associated Press.
Today in History
What happened today in history? Find the answer on this multilangual site.
Today in History
Find out what happened on this day in Canadian military history.
Today in History
Includes historical information and events ordered by date and theme.
Today In Indian History
Find what happened in Indian history on any date chronologically and date wise. Provides details of historic events, birth dates, and death dates.
Today in Journalism History
Daily interactive quiz.
Today in Radical History
Timeline showing radical events on the date they occurred.
Today in Rotten History
Highlights various morbid or unfortunate events in history.
Today in the Historical Sciences
A calendar of anniversaries in geology, evolutionary biology, historical linguistics, historical geography, archeology, cosmology, and other sciences that study the past.
Historical events, birthdates, holidays and religious observances around the world. There are also pages for 'any month of any year' or 'any date' for historical facts listings. Daily quotation. Service from Scope Systems.
Uncle Woody's Almanac
What happened on the day you were born? Uncle Woody has been online since 1996.
War Between the States Calendar
Day by day during the War for Southern Independence.
YarraNet: On This Day
A searchable database of events for each day of the year.