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"Officer Needs Help"
Listen to Los Angeles Police radio traffic during the infamous shootout with AK-47 armed bank robbers wearing full body armor.
Information on arson squads, fires, investigations, and rewards. Also lets visitors report suspected arson activities in a secure and confidential manner.
A forum for disseminating law enforcement related information including employment news, education, training and quality products.
Cybersnitch Headquarters
Online crime reporting system helps citizens and all of law enforcement agencies battle Internet- and computer-related crimes. All valid reports are transmitted to appropriate law enforcement agencies.
Tells the stories of the Mounted Police community and provides police horse protection laws for several U.S. states. Also includes a discussion list open only to Mounted Police.
National Insurance Crime Bureau
Partners with insurers and law enforcement agencies to facilitate the identification, detection and prosecution of insurance criminals.
Police Resource List - Forensics
A good listing of forensic resources for police departments.
Suicide By Cop
Includes information on officer's perspectives, classification of SBC incidents, PTSD, articles, and recommended reading.
Support Officer
Reaching out to the community with tragedy support individuals as a resource for healing, encouragement, and education.
TASK Software
Specializes in police software which assists smaller agencies in tracking calls and business information.
Traffic Radar Handbook
Detailed technical description of microwave and laser police traffic radar. Includes operational limitations, possible operator errors, and common misreadings. Most information requires viewers to pay fee.