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Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, Albanian Legal Information Initiative, British and Irish Legal Information Institute, CEESource, eLawOnline, European Environmental Law, Law-Related Internet Project Saarbrücken, National Centre of Legal Information of the Republ, Roman Law, Roman Law Resources, Swiss CPIL (Switzerland's Code on Private Int
International Law
American Treaties - Disposition, Convention Establishing the Multilateral Investmen, Court on Conciliation and Arbitration, Crime in Cyberspace, Department of State - Private International Law, Disarmament, Electronic Resource Guide, European Journal of International Law, Human Rights Instruments and Documents, International Court of Justice
Islamic Law
Islamic Banking Infobase, Islamic Law Infobase
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Citators, Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research, Duke University School of Law : Library : Research, How to Shepardize, Legal Research Guide, LLRX.com Research Guide, The Virtual Chase, Thomas - Legislative Information on the Internet, UCLA Law Library Research Guides
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Canada, United States
Australia, Carrow's New Zealand Law Links
Encyclopedia of Law and Economics
Covers the current field of law and economics. Full texts available online.
Global Legal Information System
A searchable database of laws, regulations, and other complementary legal sources from around the world, containing the documents in their original language, English language abstracts, and a thesaurus for each language represented in the database.
Legal Information Institute
Primary legal materials and links to a wide array of U.S. and international legal reference websites. From Cornell Law School.