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Auditing, Elephant Enterprises, Inc., The Devil's Advocate
Contract Attorneys
Attorney Assistance, Barbara E Cotton, Former Federal Law Clerks Society, John Martinez, K.Richard Lindow,Jr., Law-Write, Mary Brandt Jensen, Per Diem Services, Inc., Per Diem Works, Inc., Prairie Writing Services
Document Management
Advantage Records, Attorney's Diversified Services, CaseDocket.Com, CopyForce, Copytyme, Counsel Press LLC, Cypress Litigation, EstatePlanStore, Kern Attorney Service
Filing Services
Accurate Clerking, Colby Attorney Services, Drinnan's Freelance Legal Services Inc., JusticeLink, Now Legal Services
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Adrian Pike Training, Altman Weil, Arthur Greene, Bradley Huggins Consulting Group, Calderwood Law Firm Office Management, Edward Poll, Hildebrandt & Company, LeapLaw, Professional Office Consulting, RJH Consulting
BriefHelp, BriefWriting.com, Document Research, JurisResearch, Legal Research Center, LegalScope Research, Magnus Research Consultants, National Legal Research Group, Inc., On Point Legal Research Inc., Quo Jure Corporation
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Information Management, Absi Legal Technology, Ltd., DOAR Communications, Lake Coghlan, Law Office of Christophe K. Steuart, Oxford Law and Computing, Rehman Technology Services, Inc., The Blueoceana Company Inc.
Paralegal Computer Research
A-1 Legal Language Solutions, Antonio Barros Translations, Bezerril & Villac, Bilingual Communications, City Legal Translations, Eoin B.P. McGirr, Eulenhaupt Translation Services, Financial Translations, Geotext Translations, Inc., Haard Translating Services
Specializes in preparation of deposition summaries. View sample summaries.
Gloria Elder, V.A.
Administrative and paralegal services performed under contract for firms and businesses.
Hartung Associates
Preparing prevailing wage reports, work experience evaluations, specialty occupational letters and job description development services for companies and attorneys seeking employment visas or labor condition applications.
LawCost Management Group - Abernethy & Richie,
Offering legal bill reviews and consultation for improving the efficiency of in-house counsel.
LawPartnering Institute
Consultancy for partnering arrangements for provision of legal services.
Legal Support Staff of North Carolina
Legal support for North Carolina.
Legal Works, LLC
Providing time and billing, accounting, paralegal services and computer consulting solutions to small law firms in the Northern Virginia.
Lykins & Associates
Providing corporate, secretary, subsidiary, paralegal and shareholders services. Based in Barrington, Illinois.
MLynn Paralegal Service
Offering services to law firms and offices in the Mid-Hudson Valley region of New York.
Notary, document summation, transcription, and paralegal services for Central and Northeastern Ohio. Based in Dover.
Secretarial Service Inc.
Offering legal research and document preparation to firms and general public. Based in Upper Fairmount, Maryland.
Susan Ahlfs Transcript Summarizing, Inc.
Preparing deposition and trial transcript summaries for law firms and corporate legal departments.
The Garver Group, Inc.
Providing administrative support and bookkeeping services for small law firms.
Time Flies
Legal billing service, based in Cypress, Texas.
Virtual Legal Secretary
Legal research and secretarial-paralegal services for attorneys and non-attorneys in Southern California.