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Criminal Defense
Federal Prison Consultants, Joy Heisler-Brinton
Evidence and Presentations
Legal Video, 21st Century Forensic Animation, 3D Crime Scene, A Pro Video, Inc., AEGIS Forensic Animations, American Guild of Court Videographers, Animators at Law, Bill Gregg - Legal Video and Photography, BioStudio, Blanchard's Video Service, Case Lab Legal Visual Strategy
Forensic Animation
Condon Production Associates, Elucidate, Litimation Technology, Visual Forensics
Advanced Courtroom Technologies
Offering litigation support services and software, including electronic courtroom presentation. Offices in Florida and California.
Allegiance Litigation
Litigation management services offered for complex and intellectual property litigation.
Bork Communication Group
Communications strategies and tactics to help corporations and their lawyers avoid or win litigation, and protect reputation.
Capital Legal Solutions
Electronic discovery consulting firm. Services, select clients, and technology partners listed.
Corporate Psychological Management, LLC
Litigation support in Colorado: medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability jury selection, witness preparation and trial consulting.
Trial and jury consulting firm specializing in strategic communications, graphics and demonstrative evidence, and persuasion.
FTI Consulting
Firm with practices in financial restructuring and litigation support.
Harold Edwards
Consultant for attorneys and clients working with expert witnesses, or responding to the misuse of experts by opposing counsel, especially in the physical sciences.
Institute of Trial Science, Inc.
Litigation psychology firm, offering services for jury selection, witness preparation, case theme development, mock trials and focus groups.
Jack Schroder
Consultant and author on the subject of medical malpractice.
Jury Solutions
Trial support and jury consultation firm.
Law Actors
Provides professional actors to the legal profession: Deposition Readers; Mock Trial Participants; Witness Preparation; Theory Testing; Presentation Skills.
Legal Tech
Litigation support provider based in Plymouth, Michigan.
MDEX Online, Inc.
Medical legal consulting services, economic expert location services, and a database of cases involving attempts to exclude expert testimony.
Evaluating personal injury matters to help litigants settle their own claims.
Starr Litigation Services
Litigation services, including trial consulting, graphics, video and animation exhibits for trial
The Techno-Crime Institute
Consulting and research firm providing computer forensics analysis and expert witness services in internal investigations, criminal or civil litigation.
Trading Law Ltd.
Consultancy specialising in trading and consumer law, including fair trading, food, health and product safety law. Based in the United Kingdom.
Trial Technologies, Inc.
Jury and trial consulting firm, assisting with pretrial and litigation matters. Based in Miami, Florida.
Trial Vision Inc.
Services include jury research, strategy development, design and production of demonstrative evidence, and electronic trial presentation. Seattle, Washington.
VerdictMax, LLC
Offering software, training, litigation support, transcript management, and presentation services.
Zagnoli, McEvoy, Foley Ltd.
Litigation and communication consulting.