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Car Free
A Carfree Neighborhood in Cambridge: North Point, Auto-free Ottawa Forum, Autofreelife.info, Car Free Day in Canada, Carbusters.org, CarFree, Carfree City, Carfree.com, Coalition for Appropriate Transportation, Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels
Facts and Figures, Organizations, Resources, Voices and Views, A Lexicon of Spawn, Childfree by Choice, Childfree Movies Please, Happily Childfree
Intentional Communities
Asia, Books, Central America, Cohousing, Directories, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania, South America
I-resign.com: In Defence of Luddism, Is it OK to be a Luddite?, Luddism, Ludditology, Neo-Luddite Review, On-line Luddism Index, Terry's Neo-Luddite Web Sites, The Last Luddite Gets Wired by Ron Rosenbaum, The Luddite Syndrome, The Neo-Luddite Manifesto
Articles, Books, Criticisms of Dairy Products, Criticisms of Eggs, Criticisms of Non-Food Animal Products, Dating and Personals, Difficulties With Being Vegan, Ethical Investment, Grey Areas, Mailing Lists
Advocacy, Articles, Benefits of, Books, Chats and Forums, Criticism, Criticisms of Meat Eating, Dating and Personals, Directories, Events
Voluntary Simplicity
A Family Living in Voluntary Simplicity, A Real Hermit, A Real Life Magazine: Simple Organic Living, Affluenza: PBS Program on the Epidemic of Overcons, Alternatives for Simple Living, Barenakedfamily.com, Better Times Webzine, Car Living, Center For a New America Dream, Cyber Simplify your Life
AASP - Singles Rights
An organization created to help protect the rights of single adults as well as opposite and same sex domestic partners.
InnerSelf Magazine - Lifestyle Changes
Various articles by different authors related to making changes in your lifestyle. Examples are "No More Guilt" or "Losing Your Corporate Self."
Lucy Stone League
Works towards equal rights for women and men to retain, modify, and create their names at marriage and throughout life and towards equality of patrilineal/matrilineal name distribution for children. Includes a name freedom choice test, news, ways to help, and recommended reading.
Society for Barefoot Living
People who love going barefoot all the time as a lifestyle choice. Informative articles and links.
To-Do List
Magazine about the details of modern living featuring articles, to-do lists, and top 10 lists. Includes subscription information.