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An Account of the Advance of the 7th Fusiliers, Danny Yee's Book Reviews - War Books, The Marine Corps Professional Reading Program List
A Soldier's Call, A Soldier's Place, ANZAC Main Sound Stage., Australian Light Horse Poetry, Boon's Vietnam Poetry, Canada's Military Heritage, Combat in the 20th Century, Deserts and Oases, Dusty's Poetry Page, ANC, RVN, Flack Jacket Collection
American Experience - War Letters
Feature about war letters from the American Revolution to Desert Storm. Film description, transcript of letters, timeline, gallery, and teacher's guide.
Anthem For A Doomed Youth
Writers and Literature of The Great War, 1914-1918.
Ernst Jünger in Cyberspace
An introduction to the life and works of Ernst Jünger, 1895-1998, together with bibliographies and some critical perspectives.
Medal for Military Literature
Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies information on the Duke of Westminster's Medal for Military Literature.
Russian State Library
Official website of the department of military literature.The central library of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
The Hydra
A journal produced by the patients resident at Craiglockhart Military Hospital during the First World War.
Works of Importance by Veteran Authors
Stories,poetry and multimedia published by war veterans of current and past conflicts, describing the experiences related to their involvement during and after those war years.