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Aircraft Carriers
European Aircraft Carriers, Global Security, Haze Gray & Underway - World Aircraft Carrier , Naval Technology, Royal Navy, The Mystery of the Hapless Varyag
3D History, Battleship Archive, Battleship Bismarck 3D, Dreadnought Project, Japanese Battleship Kongo, Japanese Battleships, Mac Dale, Naval Warfare, Sinking of HMS Barham, Tegetthoff (Viribus Unitis) Class Dreadnoughts
Belgian Navy, D-NET - The Canadian Navy, French Navy, Indian Navy, Royal New Zealand Navy
Beds And Herts Submariners Association, Canadian Submarine Technologies, Deeply Canadian: New Submarines for a New Millenni, Dutch Submarines, Hitler's Lost U-Boat, How Stuff Works: Submarines, Kursk Submarine Memorial pages, Mark's Submarine Page, Sub.net Italia, Submarine History
Historic Naval Ships Association Visitor Guide
Includes information on over one hundred historic naval ships.
HMS Hood Association- Battle Cruiser Hood
Official site of the H.M.S. Hood Association, the veterans and families of Hood. Thorough compilation of historical information, references, data and imagery concerning the ship and her crew.
Jane's Underwater Technology
Gain unique insight into the vehicles, systems, instruments and sensors that enable the exploration, survey, management and exploitation of the oceans.
Jane's Underwater Warfare Systems
Analysis of the essential components of underwater warfare
La Gloire, Ironclad
A history of the first French ironclad warship, La Gloire.
Le Fougueux
Profile of a decommissioned French Coast Guard vessel.
Major Warships - Photo Gallery
International naval photo gallery, pictoral history of all battleship, cruiser and aircraft carrier classes from 1880-1946. Site in Polish and English.
Merchant Navy Leslie Harold Russell
The voyage accounts of Les Russell on British and Canadian Merchant Naval ships during World War II from 1936 until 1946.
Naval and Maritime page of the World Wide Web Vir
A comprehensive index of Web sites on Naval and Maritime topics edited by an expert in the field. If it floats, they have the site.
Naval Historical Collectors & Research Associa
On-line part of an association that deals with all aspects of naval history and covers all navies. Details including articles on personnel, units and medal rolls.
Naval History
General information about the world-wide navies and naval battles of World War I.
Naval Technology's Warship Projects
Submarine, aircraft carrier, amphibious landing ship, frigate, destroyer, patrol vessel, minesweepers and maritime aircraft project profiles.
Naval Trivia and Phrases
Facts about Naval phrases, flags and phonetic meanings.
The loss of the MV Calchas - 21st April 1941
Site describing the sinking of the MV Calchas on the 21st April 1941 as related via the family of Carpenter J. H. Frost.
Unofficial Look at the Leander Class Frigate
An Unofficial Look at the Leander Class Frigate. Large photo gallery which seems to be still growing. Site contains some information about the class that saw service not only with the Royal Navy but around the world.
The world's warships and current naval events. Comprehensive listing of current and past naval inventories.