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Bermuda Triangle
400 Bermuda Triangle Links, A Natural Explanation of the Phenomenon, A Song: Bermuda Triangle, About Guide Loy Lawhon, AskMen.com - Bermuda Triangle, Bermuda Triangle - Castle of Spirits, Bermuda Triangle - The Truth, Bermuda Triangle and Marine Sulphur Queen, Bermuda Triangle Books for Sale, Bermuda Triangle Continues to Mystify
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Mailing Lists, Apple Doll, Astral Society Forum, Clairvoyancy and the Paranormal Forum, Corpus Christi Paranormal MessageBoard, Deshain The Gathering, Dreamscape, Free Spirit Guide Chat Room, Galaxey's home in home in cyberspace., Gypsy Numina's Mystic Parlour, Left Field PSI Messageboard
Crop Circles
Circlemakers, Researchers, AJ's Wiltshire Weirdness Gallery, All crop circles, Anatomical Anomalies In Crop Formation Plants, AskMen.com - Crop Circles, BBC News, BBC News, BBC News, BBC News, BBC News, BBC News
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Cersan Mystical Organization, Daily News, Does Psi Exist?, Electronic Voice Phenomena Belgium, Falling Skies: A Paranormal Archive, Far Shores, Fort Rade Paranormal Researches, New-Age Info Center, Paranormal Caught on Film, Paranormal News
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Adventures Beyond the Body, Astral Projection, Astral Pulse, Astral Society, Astral Voyage, Astralweb, Ballabene's Astral Pages, Beyond Body, International Instititute of Projectiology and Con, Louis' OBE Website
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Adrian The Ageing Hippy, After Midnight, Afterlife Files, Alien and Paranormal Activity, Bard of Ely's Matrix, Bazaar of the Bizarre, Black Pyramid, Book of the Unnaturals, Brian Baker's Website, Bridge To The Paranormal
Failed, Mother Shipton, Nostradamus, Past, 7th Millennium Future of the Imminent Golden Age, A Living Prophet, A Witness to Yahweh, About Prophecy, Angelic Prophecies on the Apocalypse, Apocalyptic Dreams, Dualism and Immortality, Archives of PROP-END@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU, ARE: Association for Research and Enlightenment, Awakening: the Truth is Inside Us, Countdown to Aquarius
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Active-Stream: The Story Tellers
A collection of short stories and essays focusing upon the paranormal phenomena.
Archive X
A collection of over 1600 paranormal stories. Categories include: near death and out of body experiences, angel, ghost, and channeling stories.
Clairvoyancy and the Paranormal
Devoted to all aspects of the paranormal. Free psychic chat. Online awareness and meditation classes, message boards, pictures of orbs, ghosts, spirits, hauntings and poltergiests as well as scrolling UK news.
Darkened Chronicles
Dedicated to the paranormal with information on auras, ESP, and encounters with the unknown. Also includes poems, stories, a forum, and a chat room.
Ellis C Taylor
Investigates and highlights sinister occult aspects to serious crimes and events around the world. Other specialty subjects include UFOs and the unexplained, predictions, animal welfare and conspiracies.
Self help mind test for mystical experiences, near death, alien abduction, psychic, haunting, out-of body uncovered and verified by neuroscience mind test.
Monroe Institute, The
TMI, founded by Robert Monroe, out-of-body book author and inventor of Hemi-Sync audio technology, pioneers consciousness research, exploration, training, and applications with binaural beat sound.
Mysterious Britain
Growing resource highlighting the ghosts, legends, folklore, and paranormal mysteries within the British Isles.
Mysterious Reality
Paranormal, unexplained and strange phenomena.
Mystical Blaze
Dealing with the exploration of paranormal topics, including ghosts, psychics, afterlife, and UFO's.
Myth and Mystery Code10
A eclectic selection of various paranormal and mythological themes. Includes articles, book reviews and links.
Paranormal Place
Dedicated to the search and study of vortexes, parallel universes, UFOs, and otherworldly things that go bump in the night.
Information, discussions, books and links.
Project X
An on-line spiritual community that shares personal supernatural experiences.
A wide variety of paranormal topics in article form.
Spirit Home
An eye on the paranormal offers information about mysterious secrets and phenomena.
Subconscious Perception
Submit, share and view great stories, dreams and experiences.
The Buckingham Palace Ley Line
An interactive tour of the ley line running through Buckingham Palace, London, England.
The Lone Conspirators
Includes conspiracy theories, UFOs, aliens, ghosts and other paranormal topics.
The Shadowlands: Mysteries and the Unexplained
Numerous areas of the supernatural world are covered in detail. Topics range from Bigfoot to the Jersey Devil, to sea serpents and lake monsters, to Spring Heeled Jack.
Under the Bridge - Stories of the Paranormal
A collection of reader-submitted stories of encounters with ghosts, mysterious creatures, UFOs, psychic powers and other paranormal or strange phenomena.