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Capital Ownership Group, Center for Economic and Social Justice, Distributism, Distributivism, Distributivism and Catholic Social Teaching, Institute for the Public Good, MicroCapitalism, Multicapitalist Party, The Kelso Institute
Humanist Movement
Local, Centro delle Culture, Humanist Center of Cultures - New York, Latitude Press, New Humanists on the Internet, SiloWatch, Sos Human Rights
Beyond Capitalism
Advocating a mixed economy with elements of private, community and state ownership with weak property rights and the abolition of most intellectual property rights.
Blueprint for a New Confederation
Presents a constitutional framework applying the rational self-interest model and the market mechanisms of modern economics to intra and inter-governmental behaviour, based on a paper published by the Fremskrittspartiets Utredningsinstitutt.
Build Freedom
Personal calculators demonstrating the power of freedom.
Community Communism
A proposal for a new form of communism that protects individual, property, and economic rights; that seek to impose limits on corporate entities. Proposes to create an egalitarian world through a global government which is composed of local governments.
Constitutional Theory Through Practice
Advocates a proposed new constitution for the U.S. with strictly limited powers and a novel organization loosely based on English parliamentary democracy.
Evolutionist Order
A proposed system featuring a career "politician class" and popular party, influenced by Plato, Marx, democracy, and other philosophies.
Fair Choice
Promotes a voting system giving more weight to votes of poorer people.
Foundation: The Omega Project
Joseph George Caldwell's articles arguing for the establishment of an ecologically sustainable New World Order.
Freetimea Project
Project to create a new social/political/economic system that will peacefully supercede nations and form the basis for a new global civilization.
Global Leadership
Proposes to prepare humanity for an "approaching paradigm shift from fragmented nationalistic societies to a cohesive global civilization," ~ "based on peace and justice for all."
Global Supranationalism
A political movement advocating overcoming all nationalism and the creation a global government.
Human-Scale Reformation
Proposals to improve systems of organization (political, economic, and social) by making them more personal and human-scale. Includes outlines of the Human Assembly, EMIT Money Standard, Rental Ecology, Support For All, and Living Freedom Mission.
Innovations in Democracy
Collecting and sharing concepts, ideas and information about empowering the governed to self-determination. Offers a large list of sites which propose various means to more democratic systems.
Advocatesranking candidates on election ballots, with the goal of eliminating the 'wasted' vote or 'spoiler' candidacy.
Institut of Social Threefolding
The threefolding aims to achieve constitutional reorganization of society and an accurate allocation of social phenomena, through the concept of a differentiation of society into the fields of cultural sphere, economic sphere and rights sphere.
Joan Bardina Studies Center
Political and economic proposals based on transparent markets, global and universal telematic currency, and basic income.
Matters Concerning His Lawful Assembly
Advocates a Christian Jural society, in which the chief governmental is the county Grand Jury. Provides related links and essays.
Discusses a philosophy of merit politics and governance, defined as absence of consideration of race, sex, age, religion, or sexual orientation under the law.
Oligarchy - The Utopian System
An article, with pictures, about the system of government of the city state of Venice, which was one of the best places in the world for ordinary people to live for over 1100 years.
A gateway to original texts and documents on panarchy, polyarchy, and anarchy in English, French, Italian, and German. Includes related libertarian and anarchist links.
Participatory Economics Project
Proposes a new type of economy as an alternative to contemporary capitalism.
Advocates "the multiplication of centres and the empowerment of people - going beyond the ideologies of statism and capitalism."
Promethean Movement
Working for conditions of true freedom and diverse individuality. "Promethea opposes nationalism, racism, and other collectivist myths, in the interest of human potential."
A centre for collaborative development of proposals for the reformation of government, legal systems, economic and trade structures and school syllabuses
School of Cooperative Individualism
Explores the principles of cooperative individualism, as developed by Thomas Paine, Henry George and other champions of liberty. Included is an extensive library of reference materials and an internal search engine on political economy.
Second Magna Carta
A project organized around the theories advanced in the publication, "The Inevitable Decline and Fall of Empire" by Errol Nelson.
Advocates and explains theory of stewardship. Provides links to current stewardship projects, research, and positions on current issues.
Sullivan, Dan: Geolibertarian home page
Includes an introduction to the geolibertarianism.
The U.S. Government
Essays on democracy, reform and the United States government.
A proposed new system to shape the future of civilization through application of systematic planning processes that involve direct public participation, from an anynomous urban planner's perspective.
A political movement of Belgian origin advocating basic income as a next step in the social development of countries.
World Prosperity
Network of sites with propositions for reform in education, health, government, and other areas.