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Arcis Foundation
Open and free discussion of important political, current world affairs and religious issues.
Captain Cynic : Politics
Discussion of a variety of political subjects.
Citizens for Fair and Just Voting (CFJV )
Advocates electoral reform in the United States.
Intends to promote intelligent discussion of news and issues in order to create a better understanding of opposing points of view.
Economic Justice Discussion Room
Discussion forum affiliated with progressive websites
Global Affairs Forum
Professional discussion on the diplomacy, international organizations, and issue regarding news media.
International Perspectives Forum
Discussion forum for international issues and the contingent factors that impact global foreign affairs.
It's All Politics
Political discussion forum covering a wide range of topics.
Nation of Political Conservatives and Libertarians
Discussion forum catering to conservative and libertarian thought.
Patriotic America
Forum open to all viewpoints.
Political Crossfire Forums
A place to discuss and debate political issues.
Political Discussion
Discussion Forum/Message Board. Theme/Focus: Politics and political issues in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.
Political Discussion Forum
Message board and opinion polls.
Political Forums
Boards discussing various hot topics.
Political Hardball Forums
A political discussion board hosted by Democrats and Progressives but open to all political viewpoints.
Political Roundtable
Forum for discussion and debate of political issues.
Active message board covering a wide range of social and political topics.
An online community for debating politics and current events.
Spin Shield
Add your own comments and read the comments left by other visitors. Topics include the economy, foreign policy, elections, government. media, law and order and religion.
Moderated forum devoted to the intelligent and thoughtful discussion of all aspects of international affairs.
The Cheese Board
A chat room for political and current events.
The E-opinion Political Weekly
We are a news site devoted to giving you the news like it is and then giving you opinions to form around. After you decide where you stand on an issue, we supply you with chat rooms and forums for you to voice your new opinions.
The Politics Forum
International and domestic politics, news and current affairs discussion forum.
Articles on and discussion of world issues and geopolitical events.
Open forum for the discussion of social and political topics.
Whistle Stopper Political Forums
A discussion forum focusing on world politics and current affairs.