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African Christian Democratic Party,, Christian and Democratic Union - Czechoslovak Peop, Christian Democrat and People's Parties Inter, Christian Democratic Party of South Africa (CDP), Christian Democratic Union, Christian Democrats in Finland (KD), Christian Heritage Party, Christian People's Party - Kristeligt Folkepa, Christian-Social Union of Bavaria (CSU), ChristianUnion (ChristenUnie)
Youth and Student
Christian Democratic Youth of Ukraine (CDYU), SDM: Studenti Demokristjani Maltin
Catholic Encyclopedia: Christian Democracy
Article from 1908 representing Christian democracy as the ensemble of Catholic doctrine, organization, and action in the field of popular social questions.
Christian Confederacy of Intermarium
A proposed federation of Christian democratic and allied political parties, organizations and individuals in Central Europe. English, Polish, Czech, Slovak, and Ukrainian content regarding doctrine, structure, summits, history and news, and campaigns and related organizations.
Christian Democracy in Western Europe 1920-1953
Hypertext of a book by Michael P. Fogarty published in 1957 describing the philosophical underpinnings of Christian Democracy, its history and involvement in 19th and 20th century movements, and its relationship to the Catholic Church and church history.
Christian Peoples Alliance
British political movement to introduce Christian principles into society and government, founded by Ram Gidoomal. Site includes current news headlines, text of speeches and party documents, event information, and related links.
Christiandemocratic Forum (Kristendemokrati)
Danish and English site covering elections and events from around the world where Christian Democratic ideology figures.
English Historical Review: The Path to Christian D
A summary of the Nicholls book about Catholics and the party system within Germany, focusing on the activity of the Centre Party and the founding of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).
Graves de Communi Re
Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII, promulgated 18 January 1901, on the Christian Democracy name and movement.
Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS)
Think tank which researches the history of Christian Democracy and supports European unification, international understanding, and development-policy cooperation.
Movement for Christian Democracy
A political organization working in the UK with the position that Christianity gives a vision for the whole of politics. Info on beliefs, constitution and manifesto, personnel, policy development, and membership.
The Nature of Christian Democracy: A Review and Cr
Article by Nigel Meek published in the Libertarian Alliance's Economic Notes, No. 95 which reviews "Unnecessary Suffering: Managing Market Utopia," a history of the European Christian Democratic movement.
Wilberforce Quarterly: European Christian Democrac
Article from the September 1991 issue wherein the author compares continental Christian democracy to British conservatism and looks with favor on the latter movement.