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Bonanzag.com - nonpartisan political information a
Easily navigated info on issues, candidates, legislation, voting/political process, & fact-checking. The website is a bi-partisan effort.
Online guide to British politics and current issues, including encyclopedia on topics such as the monarchy, Europe, the armed forces, and history.
Campaigns and Politics
Portal and directory of U.S. parties, consultants, campaigns, and other political destinations.
CEOTrak: Politics
A collection of links to political media, cartoons, consultants, and organizations.
Cosmopolis Political Links
Links to governments, GOVs, ORGs, NGOs, think tanks and political parties worldwide
Cutting Edge - a talk show
Political information for US and California with appropriate links, video, audio and comments from former Congressmen and others.
Dod On Line
Directory of UK and Scottish Parliaments, Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies plus the European Union. Biographies and news.
Ezine prodividing news, analysis, and background information about American politics and government.
List of links to news, commentary, and general political resources.
Nonpartisan government and civics information portal simplifies the search for election information, local, state national and world government information, political parties, and government documents.
Know Your Government
We encourage citizens to research Executive Orders, U.N. Treaties, White House Publications, the Constitution, the Library of Congress, FCC Future of TV, the formation of an International Criminal Court, pending legislation, Tax Returns of Charities now available on Internet and consumer information and watch the global New World Order take shape.
An extensive collection of links to progressive-left, anti-Bush, and activist websites.
A leading provider of online fundraising and relationship management solutions.
Maple Leaf Web
A portal for Canadian political education and discussion, providing both original articles and an extensive link directory.
Marketplace of Political Ideas
List of links from the University of Houston Library on Texas, US, and international politics.
Mondo Politico:
A web directory for elections, political parties, selected documents, and government in Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.
National Political Index
An index of substantive political information for voters, activists, academics, and political professionals. Range of products, information, services, simulations, games, and polling.
www.PetitionOnline.com provides free online hosting of public petitions for responsible public advocacy.
Policy Brief
A co-operative project providing a 'one-stop-shop' for all public policy initiatives in the UK. With leading UK think tanks and independent policy institutes across the political'
Political Commercial Archive
The University of Oklahoma's archive of radio and television commercials and other political resources.
Political Government
A listing of political parties, non-partisian sites, media sites, and activist groups involved with U.S. politics. Maintained by the State University of West Georgia.
Political Information.com
A targeted search engine for politics and policy. Newsletter and link directory.
Political Leaders, 1945-
Lists heads of State and government, and major political parties sorted by country from 1945 to the present.
Political Site of the Day
Reviews websites relating to politics and current issues from around the world.
Political Sushi - Politics in the Raw
Political news and information website. Voter Registration, Government Directory, Political Party Links, Articles, Political Humor, Books, Links to over 1,000 political organizations.
Political Tips
Part of a community of sites that offer users free access to thousands of guru approved tips and links in politics, political-science, activism and civics.
A directory of information for the grassroots activists.
Politicians Of The World
Directory for the Presidents, Prime Ministers, Monarchs and Provincial Governors of the world's nations.
Politics and Government Web Site Directory
Features balanced news, original columnists, and the web's most comprehensive political directory.
Politics on the Web Webring, The
Find quality, professional political sites, or advertise your own for free.
Politics Watch
Offers comprehensive information on Canadian politics including a daily news review, voter resources, and information on political figures and groups.
Portal for U.S. political news, with profiles and links to officials, advocacy organizations, and media. Includes legislative commentary and civic participation information.
Portal to worldwide politics and political science resources on the Internet, including institutions, documents, news, and research.
SpeakOut.com: Issues
Links to articles and essays from think tanks, advocacy groups and organizations across the U.S. political spectrum.
The Political Insider
All the best political news, commentary, gossip and analysis on the Internet.
The Pollite Lens - Public Domain Database
The Pollite Lens is a database service supporting long-term debate of issues of interest to many people. The "Pollite Lens" is so called because it is designed to focus respectful debate while providing a refined form of opinion polling.
The Wales Yearbook
A canonical reference book about public life in Wales. Offers selections in PDF, including the year in review, public bodies, Welsh organizations, and profiles of officials in Wales and at Westminster.
An American government and politics center. Historical documents and multimedia library, downloads, bookstore, and assorted links.
TRIMonline - Lower Taxes Through Less Government
An on-line report card for each of the 435 House members' votes on recent major spending bills, as well as a collection of other Congressional tools.
U.S. Politics - About.com
A human-edited site featuring breaking news, voting records, information on current issues and scandals, and links to think tanks, organizations and official government resources.
Ultimate Political Science Links Page
Popular web resource used by institutions and political scientists world wide. Includes links to major organizations, research resources, journals, departments, textbooks, humor, news and opinion