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Canadian Network of Federalism Studies (CNFS-RCEF)
Inter-university study group on federalism and federations. Journals, research resources, and links to partner institutions provided, as well as conference and educational workshop information.
Center for the Study of Federalism
Temple University's interdisciplinary research and educational institute dedicated to federalist studies. Features current news and international activities, publications, and related centers.
Centre for Research and Information on Canada: Fed
Includes papers, guides, links, and descriptions of federal systems, federalism as practiced in Canada as compared to other modern federalized democracies, and issues relating to division of powers and intergovernmental relations.
Site devoted to the exploration of federalism in Uganda; offers federal and regional models, draft constitutions, party positions, personalities, and related links.
Forum of Federations
Clearinghouse for information about federalism, with content in English and French. Includes current news and events, research results and projects, documents, video/audio, and links to related sites.
Institute of Federalism (IF)
Swiss center studying federalism, decentralisation, constitution-making, democracy, rule of law and multiculturalism. Research library, legislative database, article and publication archive, and description of services provided, as well as links and two Flash federal games. Available in English, German, and French.
No Place Like Homeland
Proposes a Palestinian federation of three republics: Jewish, neutral and Arab, to enable both peoples to enjoy their right of return.
Scholarly journal issued quarterly from Lafayette College, devoted to the study of federalism in all levels of government. Index of tables of contents, order forms for past issues and reviews, subscription and submission information.
The Federalism Project
Project by the American Enterprise Institute that explores opportunities to restore real federalism, limiting the national government's power and forcing states to compete.