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Opposing Views
Domestic Decay
1971 prediction
The l971 book Man in the Telesphere l08pp predicted an "electronic web". Two chapters are devoted to the "electronic web" will effect global governance.
Centre for the Study of Global Governance
London School of Economics group which studies global issues and the institutions and governments through which they will be tackled. Current projects listed, as well as publications, research personnel, and related links.
Charter 99 : Charter for Global Democracy
Major campaign calling for international accountability, equality, justice, sustainable development and democracy worldwide. The Charter can be signed online.
GAIA - Overcoming Dominion, Power and Alienation
a stimulation toward the decline in the world-wide belief in the authority of a civilisation which only is based on power and money, roots of insanity of the civilized world
Global Governance in the XXIst century
Proposes a system of global governance in an era of globalization.
Global Nation Organization
Calls for a one world democratic government that will treat all people as equals.
The Freetimea Project
Project to create a new social/political/economic system that will peacefully supercede nations and form the basis for a new global civilization.
United Universal Union
Organization, purposes and principles, history, news, profile, symbols, forum of a proposed pro-world government organization.
World Federalist Association
An advocate for global governance and United Nations reform along federalist principles.
World Forum of Civil Society Networks UBUNTU
Appeals for international solidarity and to world public opinion mobilisation combat injustice and poverty in the world.
World Improver
Dealing with the world's problems and possible solutions as seen from an "intelligent worldwide" citizen's perspective.