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Commercial Sites
Capitol Steps, It's Inevitable, Hemp, Only in New York (OiNK!), Slick Times
Nobody for President, Paul Shanklin Parodies, Southern Discomfort: Musical Satire with a side of, The "Vicious Liberals" Political Parodie, The Capitol Steps Home Page, The Extremely Unofficial Rush Limbaugh Parody Arch
A Satirical Political Beliefs Assessment Test
A humorous test to discover if you're a conservative, liberal, libertarian, or a communist.
About: Political Humor
About.com political humor section with articles.
Editorial, political cartoonists offer free samples and pay download site.
Bob James's View of Life
Joe sixpack's view of politics. AND, he wants to sell you stuff!
Pokes fun at partisans, the media, and media watchdogs from a self-styled moderate.
Comedian Argus Hamilton
Comedian Argus Hamilton's daily syndicated newspaper column of very funny, very sharp jokes on news, politics and events. Updated every day.
ComedyZine's Political Comedy Guide
Original political satire and parody site.
Drudge Retort
Links to satirical stories about world events and US politics.
Interactive poll testing the unpopularity of politicians. Most unpopular candidates face a barrage of eggs thrown by visitors.
Fool Me Once Same on You.
MP3 of a quote by George W. Bush.
Humor, satire and parody with Entertaining games and amusements. Fun gifts for those you can live without.
Hitler Supports Ban of His Autobiography
A spoof interview with Adolf Hitler, in which he explains the "benefits" of government censorship.
Ken Starr Incorrect
Political satire songs, jokes, and humor directed to Ken Starr.
Kim Jong Il (The Illmatic)'s Journal
Humor site features purported e-mail exchanges between Kim Jong Il and other world leaders.
Launching a New Interactive Political Game
Seeks public input in creating a new interactive political game.
Mind Tears Productions
Cartoons and comics satire on world politics. In dutch and english. Updated at least once a week.
Minimum Security
Satire about government and corporate policies, consumer products, and media hype
Moore's Laws of Bureaucracy
An essay on the nature of bureaucracie.
A satirical party imitation.
Orval Comics
This site presents the adventures of Orval the pig as he wrestles with the issues of the day in Arkansas and nationwide. Orval Comics is published weekly in the Arkansas Times.
Political Humor Archives
Collection of political jokes and cartoons.
Political Satire Cruise Missiles
A political and humorous look at cruise missiles and how Presidents attract and distract the world with them.
Political Satire means polisat.com
Collections of political satire, humor, and parody in a search format.
Politicians Aptitude Test
Find out what it takes, ethically and morally, to be a politician in today's society.
Political limericks lampooning the lunatic left, also includes a selection of free electronic postcards to mail.
Radio's Satire Column on the web via Real Aud
Daily news satire heard in Real Audio.
John Contini's multi-streamed fractured show of newsworthy social and political satire.
Scorched Earth Party
Includes platform, issue papers, FAQ, and how to make your enemies pay.
Skewpoint on the News
Cybersatirist Bob Hirschfeld lampoons the top stories with his twisted, funny skewpoint. Updated daily
Smoker Dave. Com
Nearly Daily Commentary on news and politics in section Titled "Thoughts from a Smoke Filled Room". A little banner intensive but pithy.
Smudge Report.
An online parody and rebuttal to The Drudge Report political gossip site.
Satirical slant on social and political issues.
Fictional police as featured in 'The Eyre Affair' and 'Lost in a Good Book'.
Spreading Santorum
Satirical attempt to name the frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex after Senator Rick Santorum.
Talking Pez Heads On Politics and Culture
Uses clever funny graphics to make some humorous political humor and statements.
The Ann Coulter and Al Franken Fan Club
Discussion of the rival commentators.
The Democratic People's Republic of Elmo
A self-described repressive Stalinist dictatorship bent on world conquest, headed by the Sesame Street muppet.
The Dictatorship.com
Humor about dictators you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.
The Fair Witness
Political and social satire.
The Hittman Chronicle
An offbeat journal of opinions on movies and current events.
The Hypocrisy Entertainment Network
Political satire and polemics aimed at hypocrisies and arrogance seen in the media and political establishment.
The Infinite Jest
Contains articles and unique trading cards of current political leaders.
The People's Project
A satirical look at the soviet communist system, constructed as a high school English project.
The Political Cliche Site
An arsenal of cliches for the successful American politician
The Positive Affirmation of Democratic Self Determ
The Declaration of Independence, translated into 21st Century jargon.
The Random Stump Speech Synopsis Haiku Generator
Random generated synopsis of any campaign speech in only seventeen syllables, with a single click.
The Right Stuff
Political satire web-ring offering entertainment and collectibles made to amuse and give the web a breath of fresh air.
The Sex Tax
A satire aimed at the IRS.
Weakly Whirl Knewz
The web's only postmodern alternative reality ultra tabloid reporting on brave new world order politics
Where the Truth Lies
Pictures of political figures with humorous commentary, with selected links to other sites.
World Ideologies With Reference to Cows
Examples of world ideologies such as socialism, communism, capitalism, and democracy. Uses cow management as a reference, except for surrealism.