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Claimants and Pretenders
Prince Michael of Albany, Prince Michael Stewart or Alexander IV of Scots?
Monarchies in Exile
Ethiopia, Reza Pahlavi, II, The Constitutional Monarchy Movement, The Romanian Monarchy, The Royal House of Afghanistan, The Royal House of Serbia and Yugoslavia
Reigning Monarchies
Families, States
Constitutional Monarchy Movement of Iraq, Institut de la Maison Imperiale d'Haiti, Kingship for Israel
Constantian Society
Subtitled the American Monarchist Information Service, this organization's goals are education and advancement of and unity with the monarchist cause, especially in America. Besides background and contact information, there is also an archives of the Society's publications and papers.
Joan's Royalty In History Site
Illustrated anecdotes of peculiar European royals in history.
Royal Families Worldwide
Royal Families Worldwide A Gazetteer. An update on current monarchs and exiles in today's society.
The French Creole Monarchy of Louisiana
Contains history of Louisiana and its history. It is the official site of this society which has flourished in Louisiana since 1803 at the passing of Louisiana from France to The United States.
The Monarchist Webring
A ring of sites for monarchists or organizations which support constitutional monarchy as a form of government.
The Royal Archive
News, gossip, and multimedia about the British royal, as well as biographies and other information about members of other European houses.
Theodore's Royalty and Monarchy Page
Royal news and information as well as articles promoting monarchism.