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Apartheid and the Promised Land in Joshua, Apartheid as Ultimate Goal, John Grierson in South Africa: Afrikaaner national, Refounded National Party - Herstigte Nasionale Par, Sorry, whites only, South Africa - On the Road to Fascism, The Boer Nation, The Boundaries of Afrikaner Self-Determination by , The Cinema of Manie van Rensburg: Popular Memories, The Origins of Afrikaner Nationalism
Black Panther Party, African and Black Issues Forum, African-American History: The Black Panthers, All-African People's Revolutionary Party, Alternative News & Information - Mathaba.Net, Azanian Peoples Organization, Black Nationalism, Black Nationalism on Campus, Black Power, Black Radical Congress (BRC), Found Brethren Of Kush
National Minorities
Civil Society, Ethnicity and the State: a Threefol, Consortium of Minority Resources (COMIR), Ethnicity and Nationalism: Anthropological Perspec, Federal Union of European Nationalities - F.U.E.N., Irredentism and Ethnic Nationalism, MINELRES, OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, The MinMaj Rule, The National Question and the Class Struggle
Opposing Views
A Criticism of the Idea of Arab Nationalism, A Re-Examination of the Nation-State as a Category, Anarchists Against Nationalism, Antisemitism and Xenophobia Today, Nation, Ethnicity, and Xenophobia, Nationalism - A Political Religion, Notes on Nationalism, Patrie, in The Philosophical Dictionary, 1752, Smash Austria! Smash Nationalism!, Understanding Xenophobia in Eastern Europe
American Nationalist Union, Korean Nationalism, The Council of Canadians, The Leonesist
Australian, Bharatiya Janata Party - India, French, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna - Sri Lanka, Syrian Social Nationalist Party, A Manca Naziunale, Baath Arab Syria Party, Bangladesh Nationalist Party, Canadian Action Party, Corsica Nazione, Covenant Party, Florina - Rainbow Party, Nationalist Parties, New Zealand First, Partido Nacional de La Raza Unida
Croatian President Franjo Tudjman's Biography, Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, Kossuth in North America, Ngo Dinh Diem, Profile of Bunmi Olusona
Australian Nationalist Idelogical, Historical and , Countries on the Cusp: The Power of Nationalism, Mapping Nationalism in Twentieth Century Lithuania, Modern History Sourcebook: Nationalism, Nation Planet, Nation, State, and Economy, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, Nationalism and its Discontents, Reinventing Roots: New Media and National Identity, The Awakening of Submerged Nationalities
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Americans Unite, God Bless America and Her Friends, Remember September, American Pride and Patriotism, The Patriot Web Ring, United We Stand, USA Pride
Christian Zionism, History, Opposing Views, Youth Movements, Active Zionism, American Zionist Movement, Awesome Seminars, Dafka, Hadassah, The Women's Zionist Organization of, Hasbara, Helping Israel, Israel Independence, k'Cholmim, Labor Zionism and Socialist Zionism
Akhand Bharat
Nationalistic history of the state of India, Indic civilization, and Hinduism.
Australian Nationalism Information Database
Argues that mass immigration, multiculturalism, and Asianization are major threats to the Australian environment, people, and way of life. Includes publications, articles, poems, and leaflets.
Discussion Forum on Nationalism
Discussion of nationalism, nationalist issues and ideas.
Greek Nationalism
History of the "Megale Idea" and Venizelism to 1923. Online lecture by Steven W. Sowards.
Hellenic Nationalist Perspective
Greek nationalist resources.
A Hindustani nationalist perspective on history, culture, philosophy and particularly Hindu-Muslim relations.
Ireland's Own
Articles on Irish republicanism and culture. Includes a forum, news, murals, poetry and songs.
The American Nationalist
Personal website promoting an alternative to liberalism, conservatism, and racism. Includes FAQ, essays, and reviews.