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Codex Politics
A political information site and a community for publishing, consulting and commenting political articles.
Federal News Service
News organization that transmits verbatim texts of political statements, events, and interviews by U.S. and international political leaders.
Reports and analyses about the latest developments in the world.
Government Internet Guide -- In the News -- Intern
Links to resources and feature articles on current issues and significant events in the global arena from the past two years.
News stories offering background details on international politics, corruption, espionage and international labor.
Precis Report
Alternative news site focusing on current events. Advocates opposing "One World Order" in favor of Multipolar World "where countries can live in peace."
Uncommon Thought
Political and sociological analyses of current global and US affairs. Includes daily news, research tools, and Uncommon Thought Journal - a daily discussion of critical events.
What Smells
News, links, speculation, and conspiracy theories related to a variety of global events.
World Monitor
International political headlines.