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1000 Questions for Couples
Offers an e-book with ideas and questions for couples in order to get to know each other better.
A Complete Marriage
Marriage advice, books, counseling, help and research results.
A Place For Love Advice
Answers to your questions and advice on how to proceed in your love life.
Advice Lady
Offers free advice on love and relationships, posts questions and answers.
Advice on Relationships,Dating And Marriage
Advice on relationships, dating, marriage, love, divorce, depression, family and choisifu.
Art of Loving
Information resource for advice on love and relationships. Articles on love, relationships, singles, family, sex, intimacy, heart and soul.
Ask A Male
A guy 's point of view is on issues like dating, relationships and commitment. Registration required.
Ask Angel
Family advice, chat, and message boards.
Ask Annabelle
Relationships, marriage, sexuality, children, and life in general.
Ask Deb
Deb answers questions and offers advice on many subjects. Read Dear Deb letters. Let's talk about love, sex and relationships, issues, concerns or just vent.
Ask Dr. Tracy
Searchable encyclopedia of advice on relationships, a love advice column, and private counseling.
Ask E. Jean
Relationship advisor and advice column.
Ask Jennie X
Gen-X-er gives you contemporary advice on relationships, dating and etiquette.
Ask Nina Now
Advice to your questions on dating, love and romance. Offers tests, relationship checklists and a bulletin board.
Focuses on the unique issues which impact African American and interracial relationships.
At the Fence
Articles and advice on all kinds of relationships issues including dating, marriage, divorce, and parenting.
Cary Counseling Center Online
Intimacy and personal boundaries are both necessary to maintain love. A collection of articles about how to balance them.
Celebrate Love and Relationships
Larry James, offers personal coaching, articles and an online bookstore.
Circle of Hope
Breakup and divorce advice. Lost love, relationship, and personal grief.
Communication Practices in Everyday Life
Improve the world and have fun - through "best practices" training any time you are interacting with people. This site now has 11 self-education exercises that you can use any time, any place, to learn communication, relationship, and community-building skills.
Offers relationship advice and coaching for singles. Contains news, articles and links.
Site dedicated to relationships between men and women.
Cooperative Communication Skills Internet Resource
Site features library of articles and free, downloadable, Seven Challenges Workbook, that will help readers communicate more cooperatively, more compassionately and more successfully at home and on the job.
Creating Harmony In Life
Articles about all relationships, whether they be man and woman, husband and wife, or parents and children. (Innerself Magazine)
Dennie Hughes
An award winning journalist and columnist, she now writes about every aspect of relating and is available to answer any question from dating to divorce. Includes an archive with tips and contact details.
Direct Answers from Wayne and Tamara
Relationship advice from authors and columnist Wayne and Tamara Mitchell, topics include; dating, infidelity, divorce, sex, marriage.
Dr. Jamie Turndorf
Couples therapist and relationship advice.
Ebony Intimacy
Intimacy advice and sexual educational videos to help improve lovemaking skills for Black couples.
Em & Lo
Offering advice for the modern bedroom.
Fast Seduction 101
Resources about and explanations of various seduction techniques for pickup artists. Associated with the Usenet newsgroup alt.seduction.fast
Figuring out Relationships
Learn how to improve your relationships with loved ones, friends, and neighbors.
Free Love and Online Romance Tips Report
A free love and online romance tips report reveals how to find and/or keep a lover.
Friends and Lovers
Relationships advice, midlife crisis forums, chat, personals, chapel of love, articles and poetry.
Girlfriend Stealer
Guide to stealing somebody else's girlfriend.
Good Relationships, Empathy, and Psychological Hug
Describes how to use empathy and listening skills during conversations and explains why their use sometimes leads to good relationships, emotional intimacy, and psychological hugs.
Head Bone Zone
Questions and answers regarding love and life.
Holy Union
Receive communication from the Holy Spirit.
Fun and practical advice for dating, relating, mating and thriving in the dating trenches. Free and fee advice for dating dilemmas.
iVillage.com's Love and Sex Channel
Advice on marriage, dating, sex, love, and friendship.
Jason's Column
Love advice. Questions and answers.
Learning Love and Life
Articles on love and relationships. Free e-mail newsletter.
Lifted Hearts Network
For all your relationship issues, including commitment phobias, breakups, infidelity, rebounds, love addiction, unrequited love, and dating again.
Chat, and advice on relationships, love, and romance.
Love Directions
Entertaining advice on relataionships, marriage, weddings, child rearing and self improvement.
Love Lady
Astrological advice on relationships Compatibility analysis, mating rating, relating, and romance secrets horoscopes.
Love Mermaid
A place to receive free love advice, learn about romance, and experience the joys and pleasures of life's most passionate feeling.
Love Online
Digital romance resource guide to finding love online.
Ask Mrs. Lewis for your special relationship problems. Answers your questions about problems with your girlfriends or boyfriends.
Relationship advice on dating, marriage, engagement/wedding plans and parenting.
Interpersonal relationship advice. Personal conflicts are confronted, and participation in self-discovery is promoted.
LuvSpell's Ultimate Love Site
Advice column, opinion page, and horoscope love compatiblity charts.
Maniac High's Pick Up Girls Guide
Maniac High lives in Tokyo and likes to pick up chicks. This site is his men's answer to "The Rules."
Michael Stone on Relationships
Send a letter or visit live, talk chat.
Relationships and mental health self-help resources.
Natasha's Cafe
Life and relationship advice from a Buddhist perspective.
Answers to questions on many subjects.
New Age Love and Relationship Tips and Advice
offers love and relationship tips and advice from Susie and Otto Collins, plus information on personal and spiritual growth and a free newsletter.
Philosophy and Self Help
Discussions include dating from a self help perspective and self help techniques for improving one's dating skills.
Offers advice to assist men in relationships with women.
Power and Love
Power, responsibility and authority in intimate relationships.
Professional Christian Keynote Speakers
Professional Christian keynote speakers on relationship advice, romance advice and marriage counseling.
Relationship Web
Directory of relationship information. Contains links and forums.
Advise and insight into single, committed, romantic and alternative relationships. Also includes advice on ending relationships.
Royce's Relationships Resource
Contains articles, forums, links and contact details.
Shades of Love
A black relationship site where observations, advice and experiences are told by those that have lived them.
Shy and Free
Information to assist in transforming shyness and social anxiety into wholeness and happiness.
Dating and romance source for advice, articles, romance polls, horoscopes, games, styles and shopping.
Skill With people
Human relations, self improvement, career success, better social and family life.
Soulmate Relationships
Articles examining jealousy, communicating, building trust and ways to improve a relationship.
Stepmonster 101
Offers free advise and support about problems dealing with step-family members. Share your ideas, concerns and problems.+
Straight From The Heart
Psychotherapist, interviewer and talk show host, Sheri Meyers Gantman offers questions and answers.
The Advice Sisters
Life and career expert offers articles, counseling, tips, columns, links, forums, and tools.
The Art of Living
An approach to the art of living, based on the author's more than half a century of experience, containing golden precepts of wisdom as found in all religions and spiritual traditions.
The Don Juan Center
Information to help men in meeting, dating, and attracting women. Articles, tips, forums, and a newsletter.
The Guide to Love and Sex
Information from Nair, Trojan, Arrid, and Pearl Drops.
The Hard Part
Difficult relationship advice and discussion.
The Love Center
Contains information on relationships and marriage. Includes contact details and a love course.
The New Intimacy
Dedicated to the magic in the differences between men and women. Includes a newsletter, events, articles and links.
The Playettes House
Advice and information for women, on how to be a playette.
The Relationship and Personal Development Ctr.
Articles on relationships, marriage, divorce and stress. Free newsletter on relationships.
The Savvy Male
Relationship advice for men, about women.
Tigress Den
Help to mend the broken hearted.
Z Romance
Offering romantic ideas, poems, chat, matchmaker, and relationship advice.