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Cyberinfidelity Investigations
Chat Cheaters, CheckMate International, Cyber affairs, Infidelity online, Psychotherapy for cyber infidelity
Personal Stories
A Dream Come True, Second Time Around, Beckster, Ben & Jennie's US-UK Marriage, Chris and Sara - An Internet Love Story, Chronicles of an Online Romance, Corrie and Christian, Cyber Relationship Turns Into Marriage...A New Lif, Cyberlove 101, Daves Angel, DitoFatma.com
Virtual Wedding Chapels
About.com : Cyber Marriage, Cyber Wedding Chapel, I-Thee-Commit, iROM.org :: Get Married Online, LiveWED ~ Let's get married, The Cyber Wedding Chapel
A Guide to Online Dating
E-book intended to make finding love online comfortable, safe, and successful. Available to download for a fee.
Busted You Online
Information about the problem of online infidelity, including articles about cyberaffairs and the damage they cause and links to other sites that can help heal marriages suffering from cybercheating.
Chat Room Lies
Online forum dedicated to the discussion of the deceit that goes on in chatrooms.
City Cyber
Stories, message board and online greetings for cyber relationships.
Classical Music Lovers Exchange
Website for fellow lovers of the same fairly specific type of music (classsical), with the idea of possibly actually meeting and even dating or developing into a personal (intimate?) relationship.
Cupid's Binary Arrow
An in-depth look at those who have found - or are finding - love online. Includes survey data, interviews, and psychological perspective.
Cyber Affairs In Anytown, USA
Slide presentation by Marlene M. Maheu, Ph. D. Topics include social phenomenon, cyber-sexual affairs and infidelity, uses and abuses, dangers, self-help , online communities and legal and ethical issues.
Cyberdating Home Page
Advice and tips on safe internet dating, a pen pal page, personal stories and experiences, a chat room and free dating services.
Search engine covering the topics of love, sex, dating and relationships.
Dating: It's Not Easy
Ways to court through e-mail.
A place to make friends and penpals around the world.
Enotalone.com: Cyberrelationships
Articles about cyberrelationships, cybersex and long-distance relationships.
Gorean Safety
Advice and tips for online and offline safety.
Have You Found Someone
Create a profile and change society's misconceptions about dating/mating online, while also helping someone else find a "healthy" cyberrelationship.
How to Flirt with a Man on the Net
Ten tips to successful cyber-flirting.
Internet Romance Organization
Information, advice and support for internet romance couples.
Log On for a Cyberdate
An article about the pros, cons and how-to's of meeting and dating online. Guidelines for handling yourself sensibly and keeping your feet on the ground.
Long Distance Net Love
Chat and message forum dealing with online relationships.
Love and the Internet
Thoughts on romance and meeting online. Includes stories and advice.
Love Online
Guide for online relationships. Includes safety tips, reading resources, love coupons and advice.
Love Through Wires
Mailing list for people who met through the internet and started a relationship, or for those who were once in such relationship. Provides support, and a place to rant.
Lust In Space
Designed for those intrigued by or involved in cyber relationships. Read commonly asked questions, true life stories, and share your own.
Married and Flirting
A chat room site dedicated to those who are married but curious.
Online Affairs Support Center
Support group for individuals needing advice regarding an online relationship.
Online Chat and Dating
Chat rooms and dating community to meet singles online and make new friends. Includes relationship forum, personals and tips.
Tips and ideas on how to connect on the net and maintain a romantic virtual relationship.
Safer Dating
Advice, tips, stories and letters ranging from those who found love, to those who lost it all.
SHPM;E-mail Developmental History and Meeting Face
by John Suler, Ph.D.
SHPM;The Basic Psychological Features of E-Mail Co
By John Suler, Ph.D.
The Internet and Online
Ways to deal with online affairs, internet addiction and safety for children surfing the web.
TigerKitten's Internet Romance Site
Advice and ideas for all types romance, especially online or long distance relationships.
US College Connection
A place for college men and women to meet each other free with ICQ or email.
Wings Spread
A community to share thoughts and feelings. If you have a love online or even though snail mail, you may join.