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eNotalone.com - Friendship and Friends, Evaluating Friendships for Emotional Health, Friends and Friendship, Friendship, Friendship and children, Friendships
History and Scholarship
Boston Marriage Links, Epistolary Passions: Friendship and the Literary P, Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology: Friendship, Iolaus: An Anthology of Friendship, Sarah Orne Jewett and Annie Adams Fields: Boston M, The Importance of Friendships, The Misguided Search for 'Homoeroticism', Xena and Gabrielle: A Revisitation of the Classic
Poetry, Quotations and Literature
Boo's Place, Charleen's Friendship Page, Cherished Memoirs, Ferocious Fox's Den, Friendship, Friendship in the Bible, Friendship Poems, Friendship Poems, and Quotes, Friendship Quotes, Friendship Songs
123Friendship.Com, Anakin's Forward-to-Friends Chamber, Call-A-Friend, Celebrate Friendship day with Friendshipdayonline., Cheer-O-Matik, Clevedon Link - A Social Club for Single Widowed a, Emode, Entertainmates.com, Friend Test, Friend to Friend
A historical, political, and cross-cultural perspective, with a bibliography and links to other resources.
What children say about friendship, having a friend, and being a friend.
Ladies' Home Journal Online's "Friendship" category, with advice and other links relating primarily to women's friendship.
Friendship - Suite101.com
Collection of articles, references, links, and discussion lists about friendship.
Friendship Links
A page with links to many different sites about friendship, including poetry, history, and formal research studies.
FriendshipSphere includes definitions, poems, citations, e-cards and pictures.
Friends networking site with ability to meet friends of friends through unlimited levels. Includes photo profiles, connections, birthday reminders, and searches.
Queer Friendship Resources
A site containing links, book reviews, and other information that relates to nonsexual friendships in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community.
So... Are You Two Together?
An article in Ms. Magazine about a modern-day Boston Marriage (committed living-together friendship) between two straight women, from a first-person perspective.
The Friendship Page
A large site with quotes, poetry, philosophy, humor, links, a chat area, and so forth.
The Magic Of Friendship
Reflections on friendship including definitions, stages, poetry, and a funeral service for a friend.