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Personal Collections
Collection of Inspirational Love Quotes, Love Quotations, Love Quotes, Love, Romance and You Know What, Quotes, Quotes That I Love, Romantic Quotes Heaven for Lovers, Sisters, The Love Quotes, The Book of Love
A Story To Share
Large collection of inspirational quotes and thoughts about love or heartache submitted by the readers themselves, browse the quotes or add your own.
Bitter Quotes
Bitter quotes on life, love, and relationships.
Cute Quotes Love Quotes Famous Quotes.com
Features cute quotes on love and various topics by famous people.
Famous Love Quotes
A collection of sad, cute and inspirational love quotes.
HeartQuotes Love Quotes
HeartQuotes is a free archive containing hundreds of Love quotes, proverbs, sayings and insights from the famous and anonymous.
Hilarious Words of Motherly Wisdom
A collection of quotes and hilarious remarks from mothers ranging from that of Mona Lisa to Edison.
Love and Kissing Quotations
A variety of quotations which include romance and kissing.
Love Quotes Encyclopedia
Comprehensive searchable resource of romantic quotations and wedding toasts from love poems, movies, and songs.
A varied collection of love quotes with an option to submit your own.
A large collection of quotations on love, romance and passion.
Quotations of Love
Nice collection of love quotes
Quotations on Motherhood
A Collection of quotes on Motherhood from the mouths of famous personalities.
Romantic Quotations
A nice collection of romantic quotations.
Wedding References
Quotes taken from poetry, literature and the Bible. Topics include men and women, relationships, courtship, love, marriage and weddings.