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African Spirituality Versus the African American, African Traditional Religion, African Traditional Religions, Akan Cosmology and Symbolism, Ancestors as Elders in Africa by Igor Kopytoff, Ijaw and Ibo Beliefs: Self, Soul, and Afterlife, Man and the Gods in Yoruba Art, Shona and Ndebele Religions, The African Experience of God through the Eyes of , The Ancestral Call
African Religions and Their Derivatives
Background information and links.
African Traditional and Derived Religion: A Resear
Bibliographies, atlases, and internet links from holycross.edu.
African Traditional Religions
Links, articles, and resources for the traditional religions of the African continent as well as Afro-Caribbean religions and ancient Egyptian religion (About.com).
Outstanding Priests of Traditional African Religio
Visitor-driven list hosted by Orisa Mailing List; living and deceased priests from around the world; section to nominate and leave special memories of priests you have known.