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A Philosophical Discussion of the Basis for Contem, Are God and Ethics Inseparable or Incompatible?, Ethical Oasis, Human Ethics and Morality, Morality and Atheism, Morality and Atheism, Morality Requires God ... or Does It?, Morality Without God, The Biological Basis of Morality, The Ethics of Belief
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Book reviews, discussion list, quotes and forum about evolution, science, and religion.
4 Atheists
Offers news, links and a list of organizations.
A Refutation of Religion
An essay in defence of an atheist-agnostic viewpoint, presented in question and answer format.
About.com: Agnosticism/Atheism
Select, annotated links on topics of interest to atheists and nonbelievers.
Atheism and Evolution
Book reviews, articles and responses about atheism vs. evolution.
Atheism Resources
Recommended reading, cartoons, articles and features.
Atheism... The Final Frontier
Articles, poetry, polls, links, all from the atheist perspective.
Atheist Contacts
Contact list for atheists around the world.
Atheists Anonymous
Aims to answer questions, and provide support for all non-believers.
Beliefnet.com - Secular Philosophies
Provides information, essays, articles, and an online community about secular philosophies.
Big Bang Cosmology and Atheism
A response to William Lane Craig's Kalam Cosmological Argument for God's existence (by Quentin Smith).
Capella's Guide to Atheism
Biblical contradictions, list of poor arguments, and reasons why people believe in God.
Criticising Christianity
Points out the absurdities, inaccuracies, and general deficiencies of the Christian religion.
Dave's Things To Think About
Dave Stull provides a collection of essays about contemporary theological issues from a sceptical perspective.
Religious recovery magazine. Atheist humor, information, and links.
Non-profit organization that provides humanitarian relief aid to civilian victims of religiously motivated violence.
Ebon Musings - The Atheism Pages
A collection of essays on atheism and theism.
Dedicated to the eradication of theism. Essays about atheism and the bible, as well as humor and socialism.
News, essays, reviews, and links about religion, science and philosophy.
God is Dead
Articles, debates, and essays on evolution, creation theories, and atheism as a whole.
Graveyard of the Gods
Freethinkers site with news, articles, fiction and a discussion board.
Heathen Handbook
Online community of atheists. Offers humour, suggested reading, and personal stories.
Inquisitive Atheists
Arguments about evolution vs. creationism, debunking God, Jesus, and the Bible, as well as general atheist information.
Games, MP3s, news, and forum.
Positive Atheism Magazine
News, history, humor, opinion, and analysis.
Really Good News
An exploration of the basis to all forms of spirituality from an atheist perspective.
Religion Is Dumb
Compilation of questions and answers, as well as arguments for agnosticism and atheism.
Secular Singles
Personal ads for atheists, agnostics and freethinkers.
Provides support about general secular and religious issues, as well as individual, situational help and advice.
Skepticism and Christianity
Essays, online books, amd links.
Suite101.com: Atheism
Articles, polls, links, discussions, and contests.
The Atheism Web
A resource for atheists, agnostics and freethinkers on the Internet. Home of the alt.atheism and soc.atheism newsgroups.
The Church of Free Will
Essays from an atheist perspective.
The Closet Atheist
Opinion pieces, statistics, reader letters and essays about atheism.
The Freethought Zone
A collection of essays which addresses misconceptions concerning the nature of science and religion and the beliefs of non-theists.
The Meme Machine: Atheism
Essays about atheism, evolution, and related topics.
The Non-Believer's Page
Guide to non-religious arguments. Essays, books, news, and links.
The Pilate Project
Downloadable compendium of searchable freethought/atheist and general reference materials presented from a freethought perspective.
The Rants of Logic
Opinions on atheism, morality, and the separation of Church and State.
The Rejection of Pascal's Wager
A skeptic's guide to Christianity.
The Secular Web
Online community of nonbelievers dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, understanding and tolerance.
The Skeptic's Dictionary: atheism
Definition of atheism and related links.
The Truth Shall Set You Free
Online book expressing a skeptical view of Christianity and other organized religions.
The Unspoken Bible
Dedicated to exposing the sins of omission and commission in the Bible.
True Truths
Series of essays challenging religion. Also includes links and excerpts from a book by Creighton Ainsworth.
Wasteland of Wonders: Atheism
Articles about atheism, humanism, and skepticism.