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Church of the SubGenius
Canadian Slackers Association, Church of the SubGenius, First Online Church of Bob, Fools' Press, Friday Jones, Mid-Atlantic Slack Crusades, Mystical Smoking Head of 'Bob', People's Temple of Loving Vengeance, The Holy SubGenius Eastern UnOrthodox Empire, The Ministry of Truth (MiniTru)
Invisible Pink Unicorn
Institute for Unicorn Research, Invisible Pink Unicorn Web, Peace Be Unto Her, The Invisible Pink Unicorn Page, The Virtual Temple of the Invisible Pink Unicorn, Unicorn A Hoax
Jedi Knight Movement, Jediism, The Jedi Creed
Church of the Heavenly Wood, Ed Wood's Holy Haven
The Alchodites believe in helping people and making better people out of those who need it, by way of beer.
Church of Daler Mehndi
Dedicated to the worship of the Divine Turban of Daler Mehndi. The Church also ordains Priests of the Mehndi and the Turban.
Church of the Big Plastic Fork
The official home page of the church of the big plastic fork.
Cult of Cod
Covers all the basic needs of any Cultist: Application form, Holey Scriptures, and Inane Babbling. Join today, and take part in the newest wave of Cultist sweeping across the land.
First Church of Tiger Woods
Prayer, history and the "Ten Tiger Commandments." Attempts to answer whether God golfs and whether Tiger Woods is God.
Super Church
Includes texts about the Benign All, revelations and how the church came to be.
The Church of Secularistic Holidayism
This modern non-commitment-based polytheistic religion that deifies Secular Holidays.
The Church of the Future
A universal vision of existence for the next millenium expanding on consciousness realization and reality perspectives, all in a satirical manner.
The Church of the Gerbil
Gerbilism - the true religion.
The Church of the Grey
Welcome to disorganised religion - where you decide what you believe and you write your own holy book telling yourself what to do.
The Church of Tina Chopp
The church of bizarre sex, snake fondling and vegetable sacrifice.
The Followers of Frodo
Guidance under the greatness of the Almighty Frodo Baggins. Salvation of the soul and protection in the coming of his judgement.
The Holy Church of Moo
The sacred cow revealed through testimony, quotes, posters, and hymns.
The Holy Order of Sockism
A brief history and background information to the religion of sockism. This site provides a valuable insight into the fundamental features of the faith.
The Kick Ass, Post Apocalyptic Doomsday Cult of Lo
Demented Psychopathic Megalomaniac seeks Toadies and Sheep for establishment of Extremist Revolutionary Religious Cult. All new cult members receive a packet of virtual Kool-Aid just for joining.
The New Religion
A food-based parody religion known as KeDonald or KeDonaldism.
The NHGH Outreach Ministry
SubGenius schism dedicated to furthering the goals of the dark God known as NHGH.
The Online Book of Jeremias
Created by a grade 11 student for a project in World Religions class, outlining the fictional religion of the "Azurra'ynn".
The Temple and Church of NOJ
Teaches the basics about worshipping NOJ.
The Unreality Cult
A new philosophy and a different way of looking at the world.
The World Oligarchy and The True Religion
The religion for those interested in duct tape, sandwiches, and the downfall of Canada; and the world domination movement associated with it.
TV is God
Offers reviews, investigations, conspiracies, and tv deity worship.
Universal Church of the Interactive Network
Offers email, web and other directives to help mankind achieve global consciousness via the medium of the Internet and in doing so make us a viable active member of the universe.
Wallism and the Divine Masonry
A humourous site dedicated to the worship of the holy Wall, the Great Divider, most stoic of deities.
About the deity, the Weluvducsomonks, the members of the hierarchy and the religious holidays.
World Brianism Federation
Brianism is a substitute for religion, a serious belief-system that aims to provide guidance for all aspects of life. The teachings of the cyber prophet Brian, the seven pillars and a glossary.