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Books and Essays
4C - Gurdjieff Brazil, An article on G.I. Gurdjieff, Authentic Breathing Resources, Call No Man Master by Joyce Collin-Smith, Changes in G. I. Gurdjieff's Teaching 'T, Essays on Gurdjieff and Wim Nyland, G.I. Gurdjieff and Wilhelm Reich, Gilgamesh Publishing, Gurdieff Writinggroup in the Netherlands, Gurdjieff - A Reading Guide
Chats and Forums
2Pi Fourth Way School, CentreOfFriends (Yahoo! Groups), FederationforIndependentStudy (Yahoo! Groups), FourthWaySystem (Yahoo! Groups), FourthwayWork (Yahoo! Groups), Fourth_Way_Christians (Yahoo! Groups), Grimms_work (Yahoo! Groups), Gurdjieff Forum: 50 Years Later, an Ongoing Conver, Iwish2be (Yahoo! Groups), Parthenon_Agora (Yahoo! Groups)
Cults and Deviations
Fellowship of Friends, a Fourth Way School, Gurdjieff Ouspensky Fourth Way School
The Enneagram and Human Types, The Enneagram and Process, Tone Constellations of the Enneagram, a key to the
Extracts from Original Texts
G. I. Gurdjieff, P. D. Ouspensky, Guide to Practical Exercises
Gurdjieff Foundations and Society
Gurdjieff Foundation, Gurdjieff Foundation of Alabama, Gurdjieff Foundation of Illinois, Gurdjieff Foundation of Oregon, Gurdjieff Foundation of Pennsylvania, Gurdjieff Foundation of San Antonio, Gurdjieff Foundation of Texas, Gurdjieff Foundation of Toronto, Gurdjieff Foundation of Western North Carolina, Gurdjieff Foundation, Seattle, Washington, USA
Magazines and E-zines
Gnosis Magazine, Gurdjieff International Review
Music and Sound
Big Sur Tapes, Crazy Wisdom, G-H Records, Interview with William Segal, KHA Records' Gurdjieff "Hidden Sources&q, Melanie Monsur, Sicroff plays Gurdjieff, The Musical Octave, Parts I and 2
4C Gurdjieff Brasil, All & Everything International Humanities Conf, Annual Armenian Gurdjieff Conference, Ars Sacra Life Workshop, Bradford Gurdjieff Society, Claymont Society for Continuous Education, DuVersity, Fourth Way Gurdjieff Ouspensky School, Gurdjieff Austin, Gurdjieff Dominican Group
Gurdjieff, Georges Ivanovitch, Ouspensky, Peter Demianovich, Anderson, Margaret C., Florence Reynolds Collection re Jane Heap and The , Fritz Peters, Jeanne de Salzmann, Lord John Pentland, The Thomas de Hartmann Papers
Rhythmic Movements and Sacred Dances
Danze Sacre di Gurdjieff, Gurdjieff Movement: The First Obligatory:, Gurdjieff Movements, Gurdjieff Movements in Italy, Gurdjieff Movements in Japan, Gurdjieff Movements Worldwide, Gurdjieff Sacred Dances & Movements, gurdjieff-dances.com, Movements-Gurdjieff, Sacred Movement
4thway Books, Abintra Books, Akhaldan II Press, Bennett Books, By The Way Books, Eureka Booksellers and Editions, Fourth Way eBooks, Shaila Press, Society for the Inner Development of Man (SIDM), Traditional Studies Press
Ancient Traditions Community Church
Providing a path to God for skeptics, we promote the balanced development of both Mind and Heart. The teachings and practices of G.I. Gurdjieff form the basic curriculum.
Endless Search
A Fourth Way group based on the teachings of Gurdjieff and one of his pupils, Paul Beidler. Membership in our global on-line Work group is available.
Fourth Way Contacts
Open and free service for those interested in the Fourth Way. The contacts are from people and organizations from around the world.
The Work of Gurdjieff
Anonymously edited site with list of books, links, aphorisms and other information on Gurdjieff's teaching.