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Christian Humanism
Center for Religious Humanism, Christian Existential Humanism Web, Christian Existential Humanist Web, ChristianHumanism.org, Divine Wisdom and Christian Humanism, Teaching Christian Humanism, The Christian Humanist
Online Groups, Alliance of Secular Humanist Societies (ASHS), American Humanist Association (AHA), Cambridge Humanist Group, Council for Secular Humanism (CSH), Humanist Association of Canada, Humanist Association of Sacramento, Humanist Community of Central Ohio, Humanist Society of Gainesville, Humanist Society of Metropolitan New York, Humanist Society of Santa Barbara
Humanist Ceremonies
Atheism FAQ: Atheism, Holidays and Rituals, Creative Life Passages - Humanist Officiant, Ethical Culture and Ethical Humanist Ceremonies, Humanism, Ceremony, Celebrant, Howard Palmer, Magical Weddings, Non Religious Weddings and Rites of Passage, Roderick D. Tamney - Weddings, Funerals, Secular C, Rowley Regis Humanist (Non-Religious) Funeral Cere, Spiritual Ceremonies for Secular and Interfaith Co, Unique Ceremonies
Religious Humanism
Church of Scientific Humanism, Humanist Church of North Texas, Non-supernatural and Religious Experience (A Summa, Religious Humanism, Religious Humanism, Religious Humanism: The Past We Inherit; The Futur, Sicesca - Faith For Sake of The Earth, Spiritual Humanism, Spiritual Humanism, Theism and Religious Humanism: The Chasm Narrows
Renaissance Humanism
Bibliography: Erasmus & Renaissance Humanism, Dictionary of the History of Ideas: Renaissance Hu, Humanism (Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library & R, The Renaissance: Humanism
Secular Humanism
Ain Sof: The Jewish Secular Connection, Atheist Alliance Directory, British Humanist Association, Capital District Humanist Society, Center for Inquiry - West, Central Humanism - a moral philosophy for our time, Cotswold Humanists, Council for Secular Humanism, Free Inquirers of Northeastern Ohio, Humanist Association of Montgomery County
Affirming Humanism, Alevism, Four Virtues, Humanism, Humanism by Joseph C. Sommer, Humanistic Texts, Humanists, Philo Online, Secular Humanism vs. Christian Humanism, Suite 101: Humanism
Annotated Webliography of Humanism
From the Humanist University in Utrecht, Netherlands, an extensive and well-annotated listing of more web links on humanism and related topics.
Corliss Lamont Website
Information on one of the leading intellectual and activist humanists of the 20th century, Corliss Lamont. Includes a PDF version of the 8th edition of his book, Philosophy of Humanism.
Humanism and the Humanist Manifestos
From an interfaith organization, information on the Humanist Manifestos of the 1930s and 1970s.
Humanism Online
How to find humanist sites online
Humanism, Meanings of Life, Worldviews
A research programme of the University for Humanistics (Universiteit voor Humanistiek) at Utrecht in the Netherlands.
Humanist Contents
Current contents of humanist periodicals, available in the Library of the University for Humanistics, Utrecht, Netherlands.
Humanist Institute, The
Training and education for humanist leadership.
What is Humanism?
An article by Fred Edwords of the American Humanist Association.