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GoSit.org: Independent Meditation Center Guide, Meditation Services: Unitarian Congregation of Men, Seamless Meditation: Harrow
Transcendental Meditation
Consciousness-Based Education, Global Programmes, Invincible Defense Technology, Local Centers, Maharishi's Vedic Approach to Health, Scientific Research, Shopping, About Creating Heaven on Earth, Enlightenment Magazine, Maharishi University of Management Press, The Transcendental Meditation Programme, TM and Vedic Knowledge
Awareness Plus
Offer classes in a form of meditation which is claimed to be the synthesis of four existing forms.
Enlightening Elastomeric Experiences
About resonators (inflatables) for meditation, yoga and spiritual development, rubber information and mystical aspects.
Erowid Meditation Vault
Information and links about various methods of meditation.
Intuition in Service
About the independent, non-profit programme to help in the awakening of the intuition, and highlight its role in the creation of a better world, through meditation and prayer.
Learn to meditate
An overview of the different types of Meditation.
Lucis Trust: An Introductory Guide to Meditation
The mechanics of the process of meditation, techniques, methods, and the need for care.
Maggie Webber
Offers presentations and workshops in Primordial Sound Meditation.
An article By Dr Tom J. Chalko explaining the process and stressing the need for a spiritual teacher.
Meditation Expert
Offers books regarding a melding of Eastern and Western teachings on meditation techniques, stages of spiritual growth, metaphysical phenomena, and personal development.
Meditation is Easy
Provides knowledge of meditation in a simple language. Includes a collection of meditation techniques and various tips for stress-free life.
Meditation Society of Australia
Details of activities, events, and classes in Wollongong University, Australia. Also offer a free online Meditation course.
Optimal Meditation
An easy to follow do-it-yourself guide and instruction manual for the practice of the technique involving the use of mantras.
The School Of Urban Zen
Offers workshops in a range of meditation techniques. Details of content, schedule, and price.
Wikipedia: Meditation
An introduction to different traditions, forms, techniques, and benefits. Includes links to other resources.
You are the World
An e-book for the practice of meditation by Peter Stephens.