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Circle of All Nations, Eastern American Indian Cultural Center, Inca Church, International Aboriginal Ministries
Personal Pages
Earth Heart, Juanita Peter, Manuela Standing Woman, Strong Heart Woman, The Aztec Gateway, White Buffalo Lodge
Indian Superstitions and Legends, Return of the Bird Tribes, Sacred Texts: Native American, Spirit Talkers, The Lënape
Rituals and Traditions
Ghost Dance, Prophecies, Smudging, Sun Dance, Sweat Lodge, Vision Quests, NativeTech: Beads and Beadwork, Strawberry Moon Festival 2004
Tribes, Nations and Bands
Apache, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Chippewa-Ojibwe, Cree, Hopi, Iroquois, Lakota and Dakota, Maidu, Maliseet
American Indian Religion and Spirituality
Essay by a Osage theologian on the religious traditions of various native peoples.
American Indian Religious Rights Foundation
International organization defending freedom of religion and basic religious rights of Native American Indians.
Asatru and Native American Spirituality
Article by an Asatru practitioner on similarities between traditional tribal European and Native American religions.
Native American Religion
Overview of different beliefs and rituals, the concept of religious experience and background information of Native American religions.
Native American Religion in Early America
Historical essays aimed at educators, with pictures and links.
Native American Sisters
Description of Native American spirituality, with quotes from Indian religious figures and excerpts from a book by a Lakota Sioux nun.
Native American Spirituality
Essay about land-based spirituality, creation mythology and immanence.
Native American Spirituality
A general overview with quotes, essays, and links.
Native Wisdom
Article by Nora Bunce, an eastern Cherokee woman, on the religious beliefs of her people.
Religious Movements: Native American Religion
A gateway to accessing web-based, as well as print, resources about the religions of Native American Indians.
Seeking Native American Spirituality: Read This Fi
Cautionary note for seekers of American Indian spirituality.
Shamanism: It Ain't Native American Religion!
Explanation of the difference between Eurasian shamanism and American Indian religion, by a shamanic devotee.
Spirit Path
A twice-monthly newsletter dedicated to American Indian spirituality and other information.
Summary of Native American Religions
School paper about the religion of the Iroquois Nation, Dakota (Sioux) and Apache tribes.
The Bear's Byte Home Page
Information about religious groups, traditional herbs, stories, prophecies, and various aspects of native spirituality from a Ho-Chunk author.
The Difference Between Wicca, Witchcraft, New Age,
Article from a prominent Wiccan organization explaining the differences between paganism, new age, and Native American spirituality.
The Road to Nazlini
Video about traditional American Indian religious practices.
Woodpecker Productions
Three documentaries on indigenous spirituality.