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Magazines and E-zines
Beliefnet, Cross Currents Magazine, Hope Magazine, InnerSelf Magazine, Killing the Buddha, Knowledge of Reality, Religioscope, The Fountain Magazine, Think Deeply, Wild Heart Journal
ABC: Religion & Ethics
Coverage of religious news worldwide, and information on religious radio and TV programming from Australia's national non-commercial broadcaster.
A nonprofit organization specializing in research, development and production of news stories on substantive issues, including religion, for commercial radio and television.
BBC: Religion and Ethics
Information about the UK's main religions, daily religion news, audio on demand and the BBC's religious programming.
Big News Network.com - Breaking Religious News
Headline links to news and articles, about religious faiths and beliefs.
Buzzle.com: Philosophy and Religion
Offers resources, information, and articles related to Philosophy and Religion.
Hartley Film Foundation
Provides educational video programs on world religions and related topics.
News releases from Worldwide Faith News
A searchable, browsable database of full text official news releases and other documents, including policy statements, from the news offices of national and world faith groups.
Subscription-based service providing summaries and links to selected news stories about religion. Updated each weekday. Based on articles from 40 - 45 English-language newspapers in the United States and several other countries.
Parabola Magazine
A quarterly print magazine about the study of the myths, rituals, symbols, and arts of the world's spiritual traditions.
Religious News Online
A weblog of news and commentary concerning the various world religions.
Spiritual Spectrum TV Series
Topics from meditation to medicide, from love to capital punishment, from atheism to Christianity, from vegetarianism to life after death. RealVideo files of 14 years of programming.
Spiritual World
Overviews and dialogs about many world religions.