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Branwen's Cauldron of Light
Witchcraft source for the pagan community with a Pagan Library, Witchcraft Forum, Web Directory, Pagan and Occult Bookstore and Wicca Book of Shadows including spells and magickal recipes.
Divine Mother of the Universe
Devoted to the worship of the mother goddess in her various forms such as Isis, Kwan Yin, Green Tara, Mother Mary and Lakshi.
Goddess Gift
Includes stories from the mythology of the ancient pagan Greek and Celtic goddesses: Aphrodite, Artemis, Atalanta, Athena, Demeter, Hera, Psyche, Persephone, Rhiannon.
Indian Paganism
Features articles on Pagan-Hindu spirituality and a comparative exploration of the connection between Celtic and Vedic religion, society and folklore.
An eclectic blend of information and reference material for those who seek knowledge of the Earth Based Religions and Pagan paths. Free Pagan oriented downloads.
Music for the Goddess
General historical, practical, and cultural information regarding the origins, beliefs and practices of some of the many modern followers of the Goddess with emphasis on Wicca.
Myriad of Enchantments
Interesting pagan site with views on Wicca and other pagan religions along with essays on topics of current interest to all pagans.
Paganism Past and Present
Information explaining the different Pagan beliefs from both a historical and contemporary context.
Source for Spiritual Information
Information on deities, pagan rites and rituals and spellcrafting. Includes a community forum.
The Bookshelf
Collection of writings on divination, botany, and magick including grimoires, historical texts and other items of interest.
The Cauldron
An active, friendly virtual community for members of Pagan religions and their friends, featuring a threaded message board, articles, and book reviews.
The Neopagan Religious Archive
A collection of informational pages based on Paganism as a whole.
The Pagan Library
Articles, stories, music and various thoughts on what it is to be Neo-Pagan. Book reviews, editorials, ethics discussions, rituals and spells.
The Witches Way
An extensive database of information relating to Witchcraft and Paganism, with a slant towards Wicca.
The Zodiac Bistro
Information about general topics included in the Pagan Path, including Witchcraft, Wicca and astrology.
Witch's Brew: For All of Mother's Childr
Witch's Brew is the Oldest Wiccan/Pagan site online with Weaving the Web, Witch's Brew Asks, Book of Shadows, Bookstore, Purple Pages and Much More.. A Must See!
Large resource of information for Pagans, witches and Wiccans.