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Immanence, Keep It Real, Pantheism Bulletin Board, Pantheist Awareness Network, Pantheist Net Forum, Pantheist Spirituality, Paths to Pantheism, Sci-Pan, WPM god list, WPM Ohio
Personal Pages
On God, Pantheism, Pantheism, Pantheist Fantasies, Scientific Pantheist Homepage, SciPanHub, Shlomi Tal's Metaphysical Naturalism Pages, Silvan's Glade, The Divine Labyrinth
Ohio Area Pantheists, WPM Florida
A Reasoned Spirituality - Defining Existence
A philosophical exploration of spirituality, human behaviour, and the quest for the meaning of life.
Conservancy of the Phoenix, Inc.
A non-profit Panthist philosophy nature conservancy. The philosophical foundation maybe found in the "Point of Origin" document on the website.
Kirridth Yordtharrngba
One form of Australian Aboriginal Spirituality.
Lao Tzu: the Tao of Reality
Draws comparisons between Pantheism and Taoism.
Library Of Scientific Pantheism, The
"A library dedicated to Scientific Pantheism and rational thought."
Meditations For Pantheists
Nature scenes and music for inspiration and mindful contemplation. For Naturalists, Pagans, Spiritual Humans and Pantheists.
A description of Pantheism, and some common forms.
Pantheism a Religion for All
Pantheism writings, definitions, FAQs and quotes.
Pantheism by Pantheists
Presenting Pantheism to a needful world, restoring hope in the natural order of things.
Pantheism defined
Definition of Pantheism from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
Pantheism explained
Article on Pantheism by Paul Harrison at Principia Cybernetica Web.
Pantheism In The Philippines (Panteismo Ng Pilipin
A description of Pantheism and some of the beliefs and aspirations of Pantheists in the Philippines.
Pantheism: Basic Principles
Basic principles of Scientific Pantheism:
Pantheism: FAQs
FAQs on paganism, animism, panentheism, atheism, and free will.
Pantheism: It's Everywhere
Seeing the universe as a profound unity, pantheists turn to nature for spiritual inspiration.
Pantheism: Nature, science and religion
The Universe is divine and Nature is sacred. The history, theory and practice of Pantheism.
Pantheist Age
Essay, poems and links about "the world's oldest religion that is fast becoming the most reasonable religion for the modern world and inquiring minds."
Pantheist Association for Nature
Articles, activism ideas and recommended reading. Includes both scientific and religious Pantheist view points.
Pantheistic Awareness Network
"Bringing together people with a naturalistic philosophy and a pantheistic spirituality to discuss and advance our worldview."
Shape of the Next Religion
Site suggesting that a form of Pantheism will be the next major religion.
The Pantheist Index
An extensive listing of resources around the Web relating to Pantheism.
The Spiritual Naturalist
Honors traditions (spiritual and otherwise) that suggest the spirituality of nature. Includes quotes and related thoughts from many religious and philosophical traditions.
Universal Pantheist Society
Pantheist.Net an online home for Pantheists, Panentheists and Cosmotheists. Pantheist.Net was founded to provide a coalition, bringing groups dedicated to Pantheist lifeways and philosophy together with individuals practicing or exploring pantheism.
Universal Pantheist Society
An organization devoted to an universal recognition of modern Pantheism. Pantheism holds that the Universe itself is divine.
Why am I a Pantheist
Members of the pantheist community state what pantheism means to them.
World Pantheist Movement
The WPM is a membership organization dedicated to the promotion of natural/scientific pantheism, revering the Universe, caring for Nature, and celebrating life.
Zen Pantheism
A single page stream of conscienceness on the natural world and its living state.