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Old Testament
Aaron, Abel, Abigail, Abraham, Absalom, Achitophel, Adam, Ahab, Amos, Asher
Personal Pages
A Divine Universe, A Forever After Wedding, A Poet's Voice, A Small (Spiritual) Corner, Abichal Watkins, Anthony Bottagaro - The Time of Waiting is Over, Ashley's Stuff, Asian Reflection, Beyond the Matter, Bhagti Da Ghar
Spiritual Personalities
Beinsa Douno, Buddhism, Christianity, Jesus, Famous Adherents, Gurus--Good, Bad and Bogus, Spiritual Stars of the Golden Age, Writings of Joseph John (JJ) Dewey
Guide to Gurus and Teachers
Personal effort to classify Gurus and Masters according to religion, period and locality. Also includes a brief description for each.
Sarlo's Guru Rating Service
Compilation of mostly non-mainstream religious leaders along with classification based on their own words and adherent's works.