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Ark Of Salvation
A messianic world-view based upon the Golden Rule, shown to mean the total abandonment of money, as implied in the teachings of many religions.
Count the Number of the Beast
Book of Revelation, astrology and new age ideas are discussed in predicting future world events, including the identity of the Antichrist.
Jewish Prophecies of Sep 11th and beyond
Jewish scripts that foresaw the 9-11-02 terrorist attack.
Lampholder Publications
An international prophecy journal discussing new and ancient prophecies.
Omega Star-Child Seminars
Looks at prophecy on both a mundane and a personal level, with analysis of events in the Middle East and the US, and references from the Bible and from Ancient Egypt.
Prophesies of Mahendra Sharma
Features a book by an astrologer and prophet on upcoming events.
Prophetic Technology
Aims to examine prophecies using modern technology. Information on astronomical dating, and astrological, numerological and paranormal signs in the Bible.