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Books on Reincarnation, Changing bodies, Karma and Reincarnation, Past Life effects on Children, Reincarnation - Fact or Fiction?, Someone Else's Yesterday, Third Testament
A Buddhist Ethic Without Karmic Rebirth?, Buddhism and Death, Buddhism in a Nutshell - Rebirth, Buddhism's View on The Wheel of Rebirth, Cula-Kammavibhanga Sutta, Dalai Lama's confirmation of Reincarnation In, Dharma Data: Rebirth, Karma in Buddhism [Buddha's World], On Rebirth: Buddhism and Reincarnation, On Reincarnation
About.com - Many More Past Lives, About.com - Mystery of Past Life Recall, About.com - Past Lives of Children, Amnesia and Previous Lives, Brian L. Weiss, M.D., Division of Personality Studies, Doc's Truth Directory - Past Life Experiences, Far Shores - All This and Heaven Too, How You Can Prove Reincarnation, In Another Life
Hinduism and Belief in Reincarnation of Soul (Hind, Karma and Reincarnation, Karma and Reincarnation, Re: Reincarnation? Karma?, What is Reincarnation?
Modern Theosophy: Karma and Reincarnation, Of Reincarnation, Reincarnation - The Doctrine of Rebirth, Reincarnation and Reimbodiment (Theosophy North We, Reincarnation FAQ, Why Can't We Remember Our Past Lives?
Edgar Cayce and reincarnation
An essay by J. Gordon Melton analyzing materials left behind by Edgar Cayce in his readings and consultations with people about reincarnation.
End of Life Transcripts
Exploring death in America from a reincarnation perspective.
Karma, Reincarnation and Near Death Experience
A large site which explores evidence on reincarnation, quotes by famous people on the subject and consequences of reincarnation.
L. Ron Hubbard on Past Lives
He notes his theories on reincarnation and its effects on our lives now.
Multiple Mortalities and Godhood
Group of resource links about reincarnation and some views about use of alphabets and numbers as numeric symbols in religious texts.
Past-Life Interpretations: We need all of them
Titus Rivas explains not everything studied in scholarly reincarnation research can be covered by one single hypothesis. He discusses interpretations from normal and abnormal psychology as well as parapsychology.
Preparation for Reincarnation
Eva Broch Pierrakos discusses life plans and the process of reincarnation. Pathwork Guide Lecture, no. 34.
Rebirth, reincarnation and past lives
An article on reincarnation in Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism.
An essay on the origins of Western reincarnation beliefs.
A web page about a Christian view of the reincarnation. [takes a long time to load] (English/French)
Reincarnation - Its meaning and consequences
Opposing views about reincarnation and its existence in some religions. With quotes from religious texts.
Reincarnation - Wikipedia
Overal look at the concept of reincarnation in various traditions.
Reincarnation and Karma
Past life regression, group or old souls rebirth and the new soul, karmic or spiritual debt and the transmigration of souls.
Reincarnation Central
A journal of your past life memories, resonances and synchronicities will help you to learn to tune into subtle and obvious hints of the past lives that are relevant to your current life.
Reincarnation Forum
Discussion of topics related to reincarnation.
Forum, information on reincarnation and quotes from the bible on this subject. With online book on various occult subjects.
The Arizal and Ba'al Shem Tov on Reincarnatio
Some mystic jews on Reincarnation. This site is presented by Gal Einai Institute of Israel which disseminates the teachings of Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh.
The Question of Reincarnation (First Spiritualist
Article on various human beliefs concerning life and death, including reincarnation.
The Reincarnation FAQ
Illustrates examples of past life memory answering common questions about reincarnation and describing how it features in religion.
Transmigration of the Soul
An essay on the origins or reincarnation principle in various traditions.
Web Amici
A forum for the discussion of past, multiple, and future lives.