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Assemblage Point, Buried Alive - CBC News, Carlos Castaneda - Enigma of a Sorcerer: Cinema Sh, Carlos Castaneda is, well, y'know, like maybe, Carlos Castaneda's Magical Passes, presented , Foundation for Toltec Research, Heidi Balogna Presents..., Infinity Warriors, Ixtlan (Egroups), Ixtlan Mailing List
Contemporary Shamanism
Animal Spirits, Beautiful Mutants - Ross Heaven Shamanic Practitio, Black Lightning Lodge, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Circle of the Living Earth, Circle of the Sacred Earth, Crow City Totem Generator, Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society, Dermot O'Hara The Celtic Shaman, Eagle's Wing Centre for Contemporary Shamanis
Aziz Shamanism, Creativity, Healing, & Shamanism, Dancing Bear Way, Healing through the spirit, Heart With Wings Shamanic Healing, Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing, Native Spiritual Healing and Spirit Art, North Yorkshire Shamanic Centre, Rainbow Sun Healing Centre, Ravenwalk Spiritual Healing
Christianity and Shamanism: First International Co, Dancing on Knives: An Introduction to the Politi, Faces in Shamanism of Korea, Fortunetelling in Korea Inc., Korean Shamanism, Shamanism
Psychoactive Substances
The Peyote Foundation, União do Vegetal, Web of Possibilities
Workshops and Tours
A Spirit Talk Gathering, Alannah Jantzen - Facilitator, Shamanic Practition, Alida Birch, Healer, Ayahuasca Shamanic Journeys in the Amazon Rainfore, Ayahuasca-Wasi, Aziz Shamanism, Blue Morpho Tours, Casa de la Serenidad, Celtic Shamanism, Creativity, Healing, and Shamanism: The Workshop
Dance of the Deer Foundation
The mission of the Dance of the Deer Foundation Center for Shamanic Studies is to preserve the Huichol culture and its shamanic practices and traditions.
Den of ZaWolfSpirit
Dedicated to shamanism in all its aspects, with a penchant towards Wolf.
Metista Teachings and Techniques
Describes the path of Metista including tools, practices, prayers, and rites.
Path Of The Feather
Teaches techniques of shamanic journeys and the use of medicine wheels and spirit animals.
Sacred Hoop Magazine
List of contents of this UK magazine on Shamanism, Animism, earth wisdom, native spirituality and ecology, with some material online. Also shopping.
A journal of the International Society for Shamanistic Research, published semiannually with original articles, reviews of current books, films, videos, records, tapes and CDs, accounts of works in progress and announcements of coming events. Contents of previous and forthcoming issues and information on ordering.
Shaman Links
Provides educational information and links to information on shamanism. Also links to shamanic practitioners, teachers, and teaching organizations listed by city and state or country.
Shaman Sapience
Forum boards on shamanism, mediumship and other associated topics.
Shamanic Ecstasy
A general overview of shamanism plus newsgroup FAQs. Includes information on ayahuasca and other shamanic hallucinogens.
Shamanism and Animal Spirits
Describes about 200 animal helpers with graphics and text.
Shamanism FAQs
A collection of FAQs regarding shamanism.
The Foundation for Shamanic Studies
A non profit educational organization founded by Michael Harner. Includes the Way of the Shaman Basic Workshop, Advanced Shamanic Training, Books, Videos and Tapes.
The Raven Lodge
Shamanic resource center for shamanic and personal development with details of a home study course, bookstore, craft-work section, news-letter, down-loads section and articles.
Totems Animals and Familiars
Information on using animals in Native American shamanic practices.
Wolf Lodge
Robert Ghost Wolf and Wolf Lodge present information, knowledge, healing, enlightenment, prophecy, Indigenous culture, truth and wisdom.