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Aizen-Myoo, Aji-Shiki, Aji-Suki-Taka-Hi-Kone, Am-No-Tanabata-Hime, Kami of Shinto
Basic Terms of Shinto
Explanation of fundamentals of Shinto.
BBC - Religion & Ethics
Information about the Shinto religion.
Futahashira Shrine
Located in Miyagi Prefecture. Festivals, history, Priest biography.
International Shinto Foundation
Introduction to Shinto, plus publications.
Jinja & Shinto
A site from Jinja Online Network League.
As seen in Shinto mythology, the kami express their sacredness and power through their embodiment in Nature, such as the sun, moon, wind, trees, rivers, and mountains. Both kami and man are defined in relation to Nature or as a part of Nature.
Kami no MIchi - The Way of Kami
Online book on the life and thought of a Shinto priest, by Guji Yukitaka Yamamoto.
Kannagara Jinja
Shinto Shrine located near Granite Falls, Washington,USA. Licensed branch shrine of the 2000 year old first shrine of Mie Ken Ichi no Miya (first Shrine of Mie prefecture), Tsubaki O'Kami Yashiro - established in 3 B.C. (in the 27th year of 11th Emporer Suinin) - one of the oldest and most prestigious shrines in Japan.
Details beliefs, organization, history, and offers graphical tour of its headquarters.
Pradeep, Shana - An Ancient Japanese Religion
A brief overview covering mythical origins, history, basic beliefs, divisions, worship, and festivals.
Full text of English translations of the Yengishiki, and excerpts from the Kojiki and Nihongi.
Community discussion topics, basic information on the religion, and links.
The "Interi" Shinto Homepage
An introduction to Interi Shintoism. It includes various topics of importance to the person seeking an understanding life and death.
Tsubaki America
Features articles on the teachings and practice of the faith along with historical overview.
World Mate Wales / Gloucestershire Shibu
The Wales branch of the Shinto based organisation World Mate.