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A Willing Suspension of Disbelief: Victorian React, American Spiritualism and German Sectarianism: A C, Beyond the Grave, Ephemera, In Search of the Fur Bat, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels about occultism, Phrenology, Mesmerism, and Spiritualism, Religious Movements Homepage: Spiritualism, Spiritualism from Anomalies, Spiritualism in the Victorian era
Mediums and Healers
Historical Mediums, James Van Praagh, Stephen O'Brien, Best Psychic Mediums (Spirit Messengers), Bill Harrison, Bonnie Lee's Psychic Mediumship, Brian and Mary Gledhill, Mediums and Healers, Carla Mae : Medium, Catherine Adams, Cheryl Booth, Christine Hurley, Christopher Newton, Daniel Kudra
Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Psychic Development
Alan Arcieri: Psychic Medium and Teacher, Angelgates, Classics Series: The Ethics of Mediumship, David Cammegh, Dee Medium, First Steps, Golden Triangle Mediums: Psychic Development, How to Develop Mediumship and Channeling: A Ten-Le, Pathway to Spirit, Phenomenal Mediumship: A Look at Physical Manifest
Ashley Spiritualist Camp Association, Aspects and John Fitzsimons., Association of Spiritualists & Healers, CARE Spiritualism, Church of the Living Spirit Lily Dale, Etna Spiritualist Association at Camp Etna, Fellowships of the Spirit, Griffen Ministries, Insight & Intuition, Institute of Spiritualist Mediums
Personal Pages
'Don't Wait To Be Rescued', A Spiritual Journey, Afterlife Communication / Visitations, Anthony E. Baker - Agony Uncle for the Spiritually, Beyond -- A Poem of Inspiration and Comfort, Celticgael's : Inspired By Angels, Crystal Chimes - The Spirit Within, Discussion concerning communication with the spiri, Dreamvisions of the afterlife worlds, Enlighted Friends Centre
Psychic Artists
Angela, Angelflyte, Art of a Heavenly Nature, Christine D. Winters, Diana Elizabeth Stanley, Guardian Angel Portraits by Jim Leasure, Jozef Rulof, Mystic Spirit Arts, Patrick Gamble - Psychic Artist, Portraits of Spirit, Psychic-art
Advanced Study Group of Spiritism - GEAE, Allan Kardec, Allan Kardec, Allan Kardec Educational Society - AKES, Allan Kardec Study Group, Allan Kardec University Study Group - Texas, Allan Kardec's Spirits' Book, Bezerra de Menezes Kardecian Spiritist Association, British Union of Spiritist Societies - BUSS, Cesar Augusto Spiritist Study Group
Spiritual Healing
Psychic Surgery, Avalon On-Line Healing Sanctuary, First Spiritual Temple, Free Healing, Gerhard Kluegl, Guiding Spirit, Hildebrand Spiritual Healing, Mary Malone, National Federation of Healers Inc, National Federation Of Spiritual Healers, Patrick Kempe
Spiritualist Churches
1st Yeovil Spiritualist Church, Augusta Spiritualist Church, Bedworth Spiritualist Church, Canterbury Christian Spiritualist Church, Church of Divine Gaia, Church of Spiritual Fellowship, Clearwater Spriritualist Church, Continuous Light Sanctuary, Continuous Light Sanctuary, Dunedin Spiritualist Centre
(The) New Gospel - Messages from Jesus and Celesti, Four Spirit Teachers, Spirit Teachings by Topic, Spiritsinc, proving life after death with Colin Fr, Spiritual Quotes, Spiritualist Chatroom
Being Quest
A heroic quest for spiritual truth and enlightenment through confrontation with the divine and demonic in the heart, seeking through creative and dramatic literary works the reformation and resolution of our mysterious human existence.
Communications from Spirit Through the Mediumship
Transcriptions of recordings made in Home Circles and Spiritualist Churches in the UK plus associated material.
Eternal Flame Forum
Discussions on spiritual matters. Spiritualism and associated phenomena.
Eternal Spirit
Explores aspects of Spiritualism, using terms which are open and easily accessible to those who know little or nothing about the subject.
Man and the Unknown
Original introductions to little known subjects ranging from paranormal voices (sound clips) including Rosemary Brown and Leslie Flint and many other subjects.
New Thought Spiritualism
A philosophy based upon the New Thought Movement and modern spiritualism. The focus of this group is to advance spiritualism to the next evolutional step, by focusing not on demonstration of gifts but upon individual spiritual practices that are in harmony with natural and spiritual laws.
Pathways To Eden
Enlightenment, spirituality, new age, meditation. Guided site for spiritual discovery and discussion of alternative healing therapies and remedies. Practical advice on personal growth and living spiritually in a material world; dedicated to the healing and transformation of humanity.
Psychic World
PsychicWorld.net is the site to visit for spiritual and paranormal subjects covered by many internationally published authors. Covers many aspects of Spiritualism.
School of Spiritual Knowledge
Community board with lots of interesting forums, with a Spiritualist slant.
Spirit Communications
An ebook of teachings received from the Blue Fire Group of Spirit Workers through the mediumship of Lin Marshall. It contains both prose and poetry.
Directory of mediums, healers, books, and travel services for spiritualists.
Spiritual Path
Offers loving and guided spiritual counseling, inspiring articles, a free-spirited Q&A forum and book excerpts from spiritual author, Blanca Greenberg.
Spiritual Whispers
Contains wisdom, philosophy, and inspirational writings on spritualism. Also offers free web sets of a mystical nature.
Careful explanations dealing with all the aspects of life, afterlife, spirit communication, karma, reincarnation, meditation, ghosts, hauntings, evil, heaven, hell, premonition, fortune telling, auras, trinity, Christ,God, devil, different religions, healing and many, many other important subjects.
John Olav Oldertrøen on Physical Mediumship in contemporary England.
Spiritualist Religion Pages
Learn the basics about the religion, science, and philosophy of Spiritualism. Read the Spiritualist Basics book online - Spiritualist Basics is an explanation of what Spiritualism is about, written for someone who is unaware that Spiritualism exists as a religion, science, and philosophy, but has heard of "psychic readings".
Dedicated to highlighting the areas of clairvoyance that has belittled the tolerable standards of mediumship.
Find out what mediums in the UK say about the Spiritualist Church and the direction mediumship is taking today Chatroom and debate about life after death and the Afterlife. Includes stories about psychic and paramormal phenomena and free chat readings
An exploration of finding harmony through balance of the spiritual, mental and sensual being.
White Light Magazine
An informative Spiritualist magazine catering to a diversity of needs.