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A Point of View About Tantra
Interview with a tantric advocate Prem Pranama.
An Introduction to the Tamil Siddhas
Features article by Layne Little on the Tantric heritage of the Tamil Siddhas.
A periodical on Yoga, Tantra and Meditation.
Celibacy in Tantric Practice
Celibacy and its role in development of a Tantric regimen.
International Journal of Tantric Studies
An award winning publication of Tantric studies. The journal also focuses on language studies.
Kundalini Tantra
General information site and idea exchange for tantric information. Includes articles about various aspects of Kundalini Tantra.
Page claims an amateur effort to understand and integrate experience with Tantra.
Describes experiences of many spiritual masters. Offers insight into hidden aspects of tantric practice.
Serpentine Power in Greece and India
Tantra from a greek point of view.
Offers tantric articles, Ebooks, asanas, yantras and meditation music.
Sacred art and geometry of Tantra.
Meaning of Tantra from Encyclopedia.com.
Tantra - The Mystique of India
Defines the traditional path of Vamachara (Left hand) Tantra.
Tantra Distance Learning
Teaches tantra with personal attention from this Guru.
Tantra Kundalini
Classical fundamentals of Tantra.
Tantra Magazine Online
This journal helps promote the discussion of Tantra and its relevancy in contemporary society.
Tantricism in Kashmir
Information on Tantra practises prevalent in Kashmir, also contains brief descriptions of the Tantra Agamas and commentaries.
Tantrik Worship and Christian Liturgy
A comparative essay and resource links.
Introduces the concept of Tantra and the evolution of its use.
The Ashram, Inc.
Vedic meditation, tantric teachings, kundalini yoga, and transendental awareness in Australia.
The Scrolls of Mahendranath
The writings of Shri Gurudev Mahendranath, Guru of the Adinath and Uttara Kaula Tantrik traditions.
What Is Tantra?
Nepal Institute's views on Tantra. Also includes listing of articles and books on Tantra.